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Dear Sunday

I have wasted you.

I have done nothing today and really am just thinking of ways to continue to do nothing until 9, when then I can do nothing watching Game of Thrones.

I have sat around watching pretty bad movies, really good movies in Spanish, and an old awards show on a Spanish channel with Spanish subtitles.

I have been forced to eat a rotisserie chicken without a fork or a plate.  I guess wanting the chicken meant I had to eat it in the packaging.  I still did it.  Don’t judge me.  I think I am going to hit up the Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer soon, but I will use a spoon.

We played the adult group last night and I drank a bit of wine at the insistence of my tricksy DM.  I didn’t really fight it much, but today I am pretty much useless.  Sometimes it is just a good thing to have a day where you let things go, let playdoh containers sit on the floor and eat some chicken with your hands.  

Happy Sunday, darlings.  This week will be better.



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