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Dance Party

It seems like it’s been far too long since there has been a dance party at my house.  It used to be a weekly occurrence, usually Friday nights, where I would get home for work, get some songs queued up, and just jam out.

Today has been a really good day, friends.  K and I took Girl2 down the street to the lake and just fed some geese, tried to LARP on a hiking trail (but Girl2 wasn’t having it.  She said no fights, said I could have traps, but there could still be no fighting because it was a peaceful place.  She wouldn’t even see my logic on if there are traps, it doesn’t seem so peaceful.), then came home and just put on music.  It took some time, but soon you could feel the vibe in the air.  Throw on some cheesy songs and people will move.  Myself included.  It was good to feel present.

I will end my day, tired, but happy.  I also have never seen a girl break it down like Girl2 on Gangham Style.  

I hope you all are well ❤


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Confessions from a Drunken Evening

Hey you!  See, I am getting better about being a good friend!  It wasn’t even that long ago that I posted, and I even have some ideas swimming around in my mind about what I want to talk about in the later days as well!  So don’t give up on me yet, we are still on track to be the best of friends!

So before we can go forward, we need to go back to Saturday.  I briefly touched on it, the whole deal with Saturday, so you know there was a get together.  It originally was going to be more people (and then probably would have had to go into a party status), but then I heard it was going to rain.  I couldn’t figure out what I would do with so many people in my house if it rained, so I skimmed back on who could come since we did have to get the character done for this Saturday (still isn’t done, by the way.  I may be a little screwed on this one).

So, anyways, I was talking to FFAC Saturday morning and he told me I would be very inebriated later.  My response was, “I don’t really plan on drinking that much.”  Famous last words, friend. 

When everyone showed up, we tried to get right to work, and by we I mean Tricksey DM, Soon to be Sadistic DM, and MM.  I kinda sat there thinking I needed to put some more upbeat music on, and should I get a drink?  The answer to both was yes.  When it came time for me to actually have to do something I think SDM (shortened!) pretty much gave me numbers and I scribbled all over notebook paper.  Yeah. 

So, food was done by my girl K, and everyone ate, except for me and K, because we are the smartest people ever.  I have this thing where if I start drinking, I can’t eat unless I plan on not drinking anymore.  Morning Jaime should have stepped up at this point, but I think Wanted to Drink Jaime may have taped her mouth shut.  Now that characters and food was out of the way, we could get down to the serious business.  Shots of moonshine!  Our chasers were also filled with vodka, so this was not going to end well no matter what.  I can’t tell you how much I drank but I will give you the rundown of things I did do:


  • Dance – a lot.  Possibly also on people
  • Allow the kids to draw on my face and arms
  • Tried to play badminton – in the dark
  • Apparently tried to play volleyball with an oversized pink ball (kinda fuzzy on this one)
  • After everyone left, I went to bed, but decided I wasn’t quite done.  I went downstairs with my pillow, but K was on the couch.  I found a sausage patty and figured I would lay on the living room floor and eat it.  While talking to her about the sausage patty (and she had just thrown up twice and really didn’t want to hear about the sausage patty).  About ¾ of the way through I decided I didn’t want it and threw it.  Hopefully not at her.
  • Headed back upstairs and tried to go to bed.  The sausage patty was not a good idea, so I figured I should probably take my turn trying to purge.  I got out of bed, tried to get into the bathroom and fell on my back into a laundry basket.  Like a turtle.  I was stuck for a bit, thought about just going to sleep, but decided getting the sausage patty out would be better.
  • Fell out of the laundry basket, couldn’t quite get back up so used my arms to pull me into the bathroom.  Mission complete!
  • Went back to bed, called FFAC, chatted with him for a while.
  • When I woke up, I was naked with drawings all over me that took about 5 minutes to remember why I had them in the first place.  The naked is only important because I don’t sleep naked.

 Needless to say, Sunday was kinda a rough day.  It mostly consisted of K and I sitting outside saying we were not going to do this for a long time.  For her, that meant 16 years, for me, it will probably be this Saturday since I will be staying at Tricksey DM’s house for the night. 

 We all weren’t that ridiculous that evening, as some stayed sober due to age and or driving, but sometimes, you just need to let it all go and be carefree with phenomenal people.  As bad as I felt the next day it still rates up there with one of the more fun nights I have had in a long, long, time.  Til next time, darlings, drink safely and duck if you see any sausage patties flying by your head!

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