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Dance Party

It seems like it’s been far too long since there has been a dance party at my house.  It used to be a weekly occurrence, usually Friday nights, where I would get home for work, get some songs queued up, and just jam out.

Today has been a really good day, friends.  K and I took Girl2 down the street to the lake and just fed some geese, tried to LARP on a hiking trail (but Girl2 wasn’t having it.  She said no fights, said I could have traps, but there could still be no fighting because it was a peaceful place.  She wouldn’t even see my logic on if there are traps, it doesn’t seem so peaceful.), then came home and just put on music.  It took some time, but soon you could feel the vibe in the air.  Throw on some cheesy songs and people will move.  Myself included.  It was good to feel present.

I will end my day, tired, but happy.  I also have never seen a girl break it down like Girl2 on Gangham Style.  

I hope you all are well ❤


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Conventional Parenting…I don’t have it

It’s D&D Saturday!  I am so excited, as I love D&D days.  Up at 7:30, trying to get things ready for everyone, playing with my new lb of dice (really, is there anything more exciting?) and listening to some Pandora.  It’s a good morning in the household.

Last night was pretty amusing.  I realized how different my parenting style may be from what is deemed normal.  I got home from work and decided we were going to have an impromptu dance party.  I do this from time to time, just put music on and dance around.  I had all the offspring, my girl K, and some music.  The Boy is trying to save up money for Farcry 3, so he danced for dollars (he does an amazing Shepard dance – anyone who has played Mass Effect would know what that is – I’m looking at you lovely DM, play the damn game) and we all got into a dance circle.  Then things got crazy.

My youngest, Girl 2, hates clothes.  When she is home, so likes to be naked.  I think she should embrace it, because as women, we tend to be ashamed of ourselves and our bodies.  After about 20 minutes she ripped off her shirt and I decided to join suit.  Next thing you know I was standing in the kitchen, in my bra, and just dancing.  Girl 2 followed suit.  The three of us threw caution to the wind and just danced around in our bras, and it felt wonderful.  I can say that I did think for a moment and wondered if teaching my daughters to dance around in various stages of undress may not be a good thing, but then I said of course it is!  Why shouldn’t they feel comfortable enough to dance?  With reckless abandon we danced around my kitchen, no shirts, and all love.

I think as women we should stop.  Stop judging, stop being afraid, and be proud of who we are.  Our bodies are temples, they don’t all look the same, all of our scars have stories.  I may not be conventional, but I will not teach my children to be ashamed.  I want them to never feel that fear.  Chances are they will when they get older, because that is what society and others can teach you, but they won’t learn it from me in my kitchen.  I won’t tell Girl 2 to put her clothes on, she can when she is ready.  I won’t tell Girl 1 to match her clothes, she can express herself at will.

I encourage my children to dance without clothes in the confines of their home, I encourage them to play video games (even those with guns and swords), I play D&D with them and we go on adventures.  I will continue to have random dance parties and tell them about the things from my past, from a time before they existed.  Even the bad things.  We are a close, unconventional family.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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