Aren’t always bad!

My blogging journey has been pretty amazing.  I planned on starting one to just write about books that I was reading, or my attempting to be creative in the kitchen, but instead it has become a place for me to share myself with the world.  It was sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes just rambling, but nonetheless, it was not about books or baking, but all about the beyond.

I found I also wrote a fair bit about my gaming adventures.  My unhealthy relationship with Square, my trials as a D&D newb, and now my trials as a D&D newb DM.  I wanted to have a place just for that, so those who like to read just my gaming updates can have a place to go where it isn’t gaming mixed with my trials and tribulations (and bits of optimism and life thoughts scattered around).

Some don’t care at all about my gaming, and like the above mentioned trials and tribulations.  Stay, please.  Come into my messy everything and find a place to sit.  I will still be here, because man, do I have a lot going on.

For those that like both, again, there is a place for you in both spots.  I always have room at the table.  I do hope you stay, and join me on my other blog as well.

So, here it is:

See you somewhere!


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April 26, 2014 · 1:46 am

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