The Saga Continues – Adventure Ahead!

Hello good friends!  Today was our second session of our Heroes as they searched to find what had happened to a missing family and missing guards, and maybe, figure out what was happening to the poor town of Kingsholm.

There was no Inn adventures,so it was less prep for me in terms of menus, however, props were abound!  My girl K and the Boy were gifted with enchanted water pouches, made from animal skin and decorated with the raven feathers from their prior battles.  It would purify anything entered into it.  Girl1 and Pedro were gifted with regular canteens to hold water.  I also put together some leftover Easter candy in a bag, and when they rolled a critical, they had a piece thrown at them.


Prizes for crits!  They were really excited to see candy thrown at them!


Ok, the Boy was excited when he actually hit something.

They came upon the graveyard where the mausoleum was to find two dead Sentinels.  May they rest in peace.


Petrilly performed a sending to take them to the final resting place.

We all learned some lessons.  I learned to not draw a room, because I am not an artist and what happens is you have 7 undeads in a room, not drawn correctly, and the priest has access to turn all of them.  At once.  And she was double their hit die.  I learned that I have a lot of homework re-scaling a dungeon.  It was a pretty awesome moment for her, and I would have been excited as well.

I had put together black pouches with various gems, plastic gold coins, and pretty stones, so if there was treasure to be found, it was thrown on the table.

I also learned how much fun it was to mess with your players.  There was a puzzle room, and it was the simplest puzzle.  I hyped it up and bit and when questions were asked, I just laughed.  This brought fear into them and made them really cautious.  The best part was The Boy solved it about 30 seconds after entering, but no one would let him do it because they were afraid.


This was the room of the mind melt.  All that needed to be done was move the tiles in chronological order.  Hahahahahaha.

They saved a trapped girl, sent a pair of soul mated skeleton wolves into their final resting place  (I added the soul mated part.  I am such a dramatic romantic), and defeated an ogre zombie.


Yes, that dice lights up if it lands on a 20.  I can’t wait to use it for rolling!


Look at those swarms!  There was only supposed to be 4, but I am mean like that.

End of the day, fun was had by all in our 6 hour session.  I am rather enjoying playing DM, and I have assigned homework to my group to help them (and me) dive more into their characters.  I enjoy coming up with sound effects (today’s was Zombie sounds, stone doors, bones rattling, and most battles had the Final Fantasy 10 battle song and concluded with the Final Fantasy 7 victory song).  

This campaign has so much story to it, but I am planning on making some parts my own, to again, face my players with their fears, their temptations,and themselves.  I cannot wait to get them farther along into the dark recess of my mind, and I hope they can make it out alive.

Until next time, roll true and high, friends.  Let me know if you get a crit and you may get some candy!



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4 responses to “The Saga Continues – Adventure Ahead!

  1. Critical candy! Man I’m with the wrong group clearly. Sounds like you do a lot more fun interactive stuff than I do, but not sure bearded 30-year olds would appreciate it in the same way 😛
    I’ve got one of those light-up d20s too but the first time I rolled it, it fumbled so I’ve never touched again (it needs to learn its lesson)
    Fun post.
    Oh! If you need tokens for monsters I find poker chips with magic-marker’ed numbers on them work well and they fit on the grid nicely.

    • I try to make it as interactive as possible to keep everyone interested in the game and not lose them. So far, they have all done an excellent job! Hey, my girl K and I are both in our 30’s and truly get excited about crit candy! Who wouldn’t get excited for treats!
      Haha, it rolls okay, but Girl2 seems to have the market on rolling the 20’s. I let her roll some monster battles and she does quite well.
      Poker chips are a great idea!

  2. I did enjoy the crit candy! Though I only got 1 piece. 😦
    But we all cheered whenever crit candy was earned.
    Bearded 30 year olds would dig it, for Rilly!!!!

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