The Return of the Unhealthy Relationship

Square, Square, Square.

So many years it took me to get over you.  It took so long to even admit that I was in a one sided relationship with you.  I found the strength though, the strength I needed to move past you.  I left you behind after Final Fantasy 13.  I came to terms with the fact that the last Final Fantasy I actually played through and beat was 10.  It hurt to not beat 12 or 13.  I had played you from 1 on.  It wasn’t just Final Fantasy either.  I would buy something just because it came from you.  That’s some trust.

I left you behind because I felt deflated with your actions to me.  It wasn’t that you couldn’t give me a stunning visual experience, because you could, but because I gave you so much of my time and dedication, and I did not get emotionally fulfilled.  Do you know how empty I felt playing 12?  How little I cared about Lightening?  Honestly, she had the personality of a paper bag.

There were times, many times, that I wondered if I made the right choice leaving you behind.  Hearing that Final Fantasy 13-2 was a good game, that it had value, you made me doubt myself again.

Now you did the only thing you could have that would have guaranteed that I would return to you.  You gave me back 10.  

Oh, Tidus, how annoying you are in the beginning, but how much I love you later on.  Yuna, you beautiful soul, so selfless going towards something that you know won’t end well.  Auron, you wonderful man on a mission.  All of you, really.  You gave me back the perfect game for me.  

I think you did this to lure me back with your soft words and beautiful songs.  It worked.  I have now spent hours upon hours, happily grinding and lending money to some shady store operator.  I just want to keep going, but not too fast, so I can take it all in and relive it again, but like Yuna, know it isn’t going to end well.  

After I’m done maybe I will try 13 again.


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