Another Question Posed

Hello friends!

It is my lunch time here and a conversation my girl K and I have discussed, with each other and others, is how we view dice.  Other than my unhealthy addiction of them, we both have the opinion that when we create a new character to play, they should have their own dice set.  Personally, I feel that the style of dice can say a lot about the character.  Ana, my Cleric, is serious.  She is cold, and her dice are elvish dice.  Grace, my rogue, was very flashy, so she had sparkly, pretty, dice.  Janella, my original fighter, was very serious and responsible, so she had dark purple dice.  It never felt right playing a character with another’s dice, except for the times I needed a few d6’s.

How do you feel concerning sets of dice?  Do you have different ones for different characters, or do you feel that one set, tried and true, can go through all adventures?  


Really unhealthy.  I know I am not even done yet.


Personal Character sets.  The pictures never do the colors justice.

My break is pretty much over, but I was curious on the take you may have.  I know when K and I were discussing it with Girl1 and the Boy, they didn’t think more than 1 set would be needed.  I like to think that each character needs their definition.  Each way would work, and in the end it is all about personal preference.  

Til next time, roll true!



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12 responses to “Another Question Posed

  1. I use one set for everything. I have two d20s called the silver bombers that like to roll crits – my players fear them as they should 🙂

  2. I love dice just to look at like gem stones and to horde. I do want to by them for each character also. I just bought a black set with dark sparkle swirls in it for my Swordsage. He has his shadow stuff going on so his dice need to feel dark too. I even go so far as to paint my numbers to match. My addiction even carries into making dice jewelry. The group I play with also like to have many sets, and pick them to go with certain characters. So you are totally not alone.

    • I need to know more about dice jewelry. That sounds amazing! The thoughts behind characters and dice remind me of Eternal Sunshine and the line “You apply your personality into a paste.” The dice and characters must feel as one.

      • I love making the dice necklaces! I just started selling them in my online store. I previously only sold them at cons or made them for friends. I wrap mine because it just feels sacrilegious to drill holes in them! Eee, bad juju. My friend who DM’s some of our games must have at least a hundred SETs. She have one to be able to go with any character and a spare lol.

      • Hahaha, I have spares as well. Something will strike my fancy and I am all over it! I gifted my children with new dice for their characters and I think I was more excited! Please link your online store to me! I would love to take a look!

      • Bhaha! Nice I know how that feels. Sure, my store is:, and I also have a FaceBook page that I try to keep up on. But sometimes I feel like a squirrel, jumping around from project to project.

      • Oh, that is the story of my life with less of the creativity part. I wish I could make stuff, but I can barely color in the lines. I only recently learned there are lines.

      • Well now they say you should let your kids color however they want. Well drawing and stuff just takes practice and dedication. People who are good at it have typically been working at it for years, and years, and years -_-* But it’s not a born into it kinda trait. I would say that many artist are patient and persistent people though.

      • My oldest sketches everything. In one campaign we played, she took notes in comic book format that she would draw out as we played 🙂

      • Hey that is a great way to remember what happens to your character in each campaign, especially when you have more then one going on. Nice!

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