A Question Posed

Hello friends!  I am hoping you can all lend me some assistance with a few questions.  For those that have played D&D, either as a DM or a player, what makes a session enjoyable to you?

As a DM: What do you do to prepare?  What expectations do you have for your players?  What do you think makes sessions fun, in a way that you feel you can help create?

As a player: What makes the sessions enjoyable for you?  What expectations do you have for your DM?  

I appreciate any and all insight! 



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3 responses to “A Question Posed

  1. “As a DM: What do you do to prepare? What expectations do you have for your players? What do you think makes sessions fun, in a way that you feel you can help create?”

    Interesting questions. I’ve been playing D&D since 1978 and been a DM since 1991. What I do to prepare is a LOT of work. I write encounter charts, draw maps if they are necessary, sometimes I’ll create some handouts and I do a bit of plot preparation. I’ve never been a fan of self-promotion, but I just put up a post about writing plot the other day, so if you are interested, the link is http://wastelander3046.wordpress.com/category/dungeons-dragons/

    I think the sessions are fun when the players come prepared. They have been paying attention (even making notes if needed) and they are invested in the whole experience by participating. I’ve met far too many players who think that they should just show up and be entertained. Well to hell with that. You want passive entertainment, watch TV.
    I also feel that its fun when you find yourself surfing the synchronicity – some weird magic starts to form and the story starts to tell itself and you are just along for the ride.

    As a player: What makes the sessions enjoyable for you? What expectations do you have for your DM?

    As a player I love sessions where I feel that I matter to the overall world I’m in. I’m not just another adventurer thrown into the mix for the DM to torture. I expect that my actions have long-term ramifications. When everyone is focused (and not on their phones) and the synergy is clicking, its magic.
    As for the DM I expect a lot. Preparation is key. Fumbling for rules or maps in the middle of a session is dull and makes me annoyed as hell. You have the word “Master” in your title, and you should act accordingly. DMing is an artform. It takes years to become competent, let alone good. I want a good story, with plausible reasons for things and a chance to make a difference.

    Good post. I’ll get to your back posts soon. Have a new follower 🙂

    • This is awesome and I thank you! I will read this many times over the next week or so and take everything into thought. I like to submerse myself into things, so I appreciate your link and advice. I am new in terms of the D&D world, and yesterday’s session was the first that I DM’d.

      Not all of my posts are gaming related. When I was playing two characters fairly regularly, I used to post my adventures (using their words). I started to contemplate making separate blogs for them, but then things got in the way and sadly, one I don’t play anymore and the other not as much as I would like. My DM has a wedding to plan, so that will occupy her time (as it should!) This blog is really just a release for me, but I do hope you enjoy your stay. I welcome you, and there will be many more posts for my DM’ing adventures.

      This adventure I did not write out myself. Being new, I wanted to give myself some form of easing in time period, so I can see how they are written out from this perspective. I am sure I will get to a point of writing some of my own, as I love to write, and just reading the DM guide on building scenarios was awesome. Funny enough though, by the end of the 4 hours we just played, we hadn’t even really gotten into it since I had things I made up to get everyone to the town (I didn’t want it to be just you showed up there for no apparent reason other than to do so). I had them all give me a back story for their characters so that I could write in a plausible reason for them to be headed there.

      Thank you again for the response and I look forward to reading yours!

      • Here’s to some mutual love going on 🙂

        Oh, in that same link, a bit down, is kind of a rant on awarding experience points. Might help ya.

        Talk soon 🙂

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