Valentine’s Day

Oh, February 14th, how you have so many meanings for so many people.  Some anticipate it, some dread it, others care not at all about it.  

Me, well, I decided this year is a different approach.  This year, I decided Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers.  It is a day for love.  All love.  Love for my family, love for my friends, love for my friends that are my family.  To quote one of my favorite movies, “I’m taking it back.  I’m taking them all back.”

This year is my V-Day.  It is my victory day.  My day to express my love and to be loved.  My day to love myself, and celebrate myself, along with those I hold dear.  I danced around this morning, I had a great day at work (even if I did forget my badge for the 14th time), and tonight I will relax and just be.  

Love, people.  Love with so much force it will knock people over.  

Goonies never say die.



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2 responses to “Valentine’s Day

  1. HS

    At the risk of being annoyingly repetitive, Happy. Great update JK. As usual.

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