January 1st, 2014

It was an amazing day, friends, and I am going to tell you why,

First, I took Girl2 and the Boy to go with me to a dear friends house where I had to help her with a few things.  That accomplished we came back home and just hung out around the house.

That in and of itself was wonderful.

Girl1 wanted me to draw with her.  I don’t draw, and it isn’t because I am being modest.  I mean I can’t draw.  I even have trouble with stick figures.  She had come up with a game, where you pick a character for a webcomic we read, then a scenario, and you have to draw it.  It went painfully slow for me, but it went.  Girl2 joined in, and hers were just adorable.  We spent hours doing this, just drawing and sharing.  The boy was hanging out with my girl K and playing Civ 5, and I know it took 500 years to takeover Dublin.  It was accomplished however.  Never give up.

Then at bedtime, Girl2 blew me away.  She told me she knew how to spell love. L-O-V-E.  This was the first time we had spoken about what she could spell, or words she may know, but my heart filled up when the first word that she spelled to me was love.  What a beautiful thing I was able to experience, and I am quite sure she had no idea of the profound feeling it gave me.

January 1, 2014.



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