Conversations with Girl1

Good morning again, friends!

Oh, Christmas Eve.  You are the calm before the storm that is Christmas morning.  I plan on relaxing while I can before running out to get my last minute needed items for Christmas Dinner tomorrow.

My post today has nothing to do with that, though.  It has to do with a conversation I had with Girl1 that brought tears to my eyes.  We were talking on Saturday night as she was eating her dinner.  She started talking about how she really doesn’t like the super skinny look and think it is ridiculous.  She told me she would rather have some chubs, because she thinks it is cuter than the skin and bones look.  She then started to go into details about why it is better:

It is more to hug.

She loves food too much.

She likes having thighs that hit together because it creates warmth while she is walking.  

If a cheetoes falls, she can catch it with her thighs and still eat it.

She is afraid she will lose breast sizes if she dieted (not that she needs to).

Oh, Girl1.  How proud I am of you for being proud of what you have.  How different I was at that age, already struggling.  To know that you aren’t there and that you escaped that demon.  Keep being proud of who you are, and I am so proud of you.

Eat well, friends.  Eat well enough to catch cheetoes in your thighs.


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2 responses to “Conversations with Girl1

  1. She sounds like a wise young lady. I wonder where she gets that from. 😛

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