It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

What a crazy ride this month has been.  Life changes, some expected, some not so much.  I survived.  My kids survived, and at the end of the day it wasn’t too much different than it was before, I just got my old name back.  I know I will be okay friends, and that is the most important thing.  I have such an amazing support group, here and far, online and in person.  I won’t go through a thank you list, because I mostly already did that, but you all know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This week and this season was one that I have been sort of dreading.  I had a pretty routine holiday schedule, filled with going to my mom’s, going to M’s moms, family everywhere.  Mostly all my children in one spot, with me.  This year will be different, and that is okay.  I will still have my children together, just maybe all a little bit later.  I am blessed that we can still work as a parental cohesive unit, rather than constant arguing about time and who does what when.  

I was worried about the Christmas season, because to be honest, it’s a lot harder when you go to a single income when you are used to two.  You start seeing the commercials, the paper ads, the Black Friday sales.  Today I got my minimal shopping done online, and you know what?  I am ecstatic.  I will not be joining the lines on Thanksgiving, or Friday, or any other day this year to shop for things my children may want, but don’t need.  We are blessed.  We have our home, and each other.  We watch shows together, play games together, sometimes maybe crochet.  We spend time.  Time isn’t something that I am going to be able to buy in a store.

We will make Christmas crafts, and bake cookies.  We will listen to music and we will decorate.  Okay, K may decorate, and I will be in awe of her skills with minimal supplies.  We will rejoice in our non-traditional family.  Boy and Girl 1, My bestie K, myself, and Girl 2 when she is here.  We will maybe hit up a tree farm and find the smallest, non-loved tree and bring it home to hang our homemade ornaments and popcorn and cranberries on.  It will be loved here.  

What this comes down to is today, I realized all the things I have to be thankful for.  It’s a long list, and it’s not material.  It’s the love and acceptance of the people around me, near and far.  It’s the opportunity to make memories and move forward.  It won’t be found in a line, or at the mall.  That may feel good for a moment, but it won’t feel good forever.  

I want to make it a goal to connect this season.  To ask my friends and family to connect with me.  It could be through email, Facebook, coffee, hell, even here, but I invite you all into me and my family.  There is a long road ahead of me, but instead of looking at it as obstacles, I choose to see it as opportunity.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, friends.  To those who have no plans, if you are near me, I will welcome you to my home.  To those of you far, know that my thoughts and warm feelings are with you.  To my NZ friends and family (you are family to me, forget the friends), know on my day of thanks, you will be included.  

I hope you all take some time before the craziness begins and choose something simple.  I did it last year, and it was the best Christmas I had to date.  This one will be even more amazing.

I love you all.


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  1. Beautiful. The gratitude, the love, the optimism… You. Beautiful. Thank you.

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