Oh Hai.

Hey guys!  I am still here, doing my thing, though I have been a horrible friend lately.  I haven’t been around too much, well, not around here.  Things have been pretty busy in my area of the Universe and it hasn’t left me with a whole lot of time.  I am sorry, and I do miss you all ever so much.  Let’s play a quick game of catch up and I will try to be better with posting on time.

Things have been okay in general.  Work is good, but very busy, D&D has been played, though I think it has just been one session of the adult group since I have posted about that last.  I should do another post for that because Grace lost her mind a little bit, and had a pretty close to death experience!  Oh, my tricksy DM.

I have had wonderful brain thoughts about topics, but they always occur when I am at work, and then by the time I have a chance to post them I am out of energy.  I will try to start leaving myself notes about topics so I can try to pull them out when I can update.

I had something written, but erased it, because it isn’t quite what I wanted to say.  I know that when things are ready to come out, they do, and now isn’t the time.  I will leave it at this, just letting you know I am here, and thinking about you.  I promise we shall have a proper catch up soon.


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