Reaping What You Sow – Ana’s Tale

I feel cold.  It has been a while since I have spoken with you, but I have been reflecting on past events.  I haven’t felt cold in such a long time.  I am still not able to speak of it, the dark times before I have found my solace in Pelor.  I will tell you of most recent doings, since I seem to have time between when we leave next.  I think I have been in this town long enough to be considered resident Cleric.  I have been able to do honor and spread the praises of my Pelor, but I grow restless, and this town no longer feels as good as it once did.

I feel I must go back in order to go forward, to revisit past events so you can see full picture.  The last time we spoke, we had conflict within ourselves, and we had come back to Inn to rest for the evening.  Before we had gotten back to Inn, my young song girl had come to me, separate from group, and told me a tale that made my blood run cold.  She needed me to hear confession, to ease soul, as guilt began to eat soul.  She told me that few nights back, when we return to town to heal and regroup, members of our party had planned to rob the church of St. Cuthbert.  Kovu, our charismatic member, wanted originally to burn the church to cause distraction.  Song girl talked plan down, knowing this would be a dangerous path to take, and instead they came to another plan to cause distraction so she could steal items and gold.

The reason for this being that Kovu and our Elf Sorceress felt that the church had overcharged us for healing, even though our deeds have provided relief for the town and its people.  We had spoken about this before these actions were taken, and both myself and Mairna, our dwarf fighter, did not feel this so.  It was only us who paid for healing, and I felt that we should not expect favors as the town had not asked us to undertake this task, we had given ourselves to these tasks.  Mairna had a slightly different take as she felt as herself and I were the only ones who paid gold price, it was our offense to take, and neither her nor I had issue.  I thought group agreed on outcome, but clearly I was wrong.

Song girl told me of plan, keep me distracted at one end, which Kovu did, knowing my attraction to him, and the others would complete task.  She seemed troubled, knowing what she did was wrong.  I absolved her from sin as best I could, and told her we could not keep possessions stolen.  She handed them over, and when everyone was sleeping, I took items back to holy church.

The Mother took the items, thanked me for returning, but said that she had noticed the items missing and had already alerted authority.  This did not surprise me, being Cuthbert’s  people.  She could sense something further was troubling me, so she asked why my eyes looked sad.  I told her about my fears, that darkness lurked deep in one of my party member.  I told her of the yield, the death, the plan to burn down the church.  I did not think Kovu was truly evil, but I could not deny that the acts that were committed and the thought of burning down a church of a righteous God to me were sign of evil.  I worried about my fellow members – Song girl, whose innocence was being taken down an evil path; Rogue, who was not evil, but was easily swayed; Elf Sorceress, who had recently lost Husband. Dwarf and Barbarian I did not worry about, their resolution was as strong as my own, and they saw things as they were.  

She eased me, and told me not to be surprised if we crossed paths with Cuthbert’s men on our roads.  I knew at this point, things were out of my hand.  I could not deny the justice that should be Cuthbert.  

We woke the next morning, preparing to set off.  Mairna wanted to ensure the peace of all.  She was concerned that we would not be able to function as group with so much hanging from day before.  Both the Elf and Kovu seemed defensive, which I still could not understand why she took up arms, but I was not going to ponder it.  I was over my attraction after seeing what I saw and knowing what I knew.  Promises were made to not attack party, we couldn’t succeed if we fought among ourselves.  We set out and encountered many thing on way, a troll, a group of ogre, a T-Rex.  Yes, a T-Rex, which is now member of party.  Barbarian decided he would like for pet, so he make friend with it, and now it follows us like dog.  Very big dog.  

After a day of battle, we set up for camp.  I was still nervous, preparing to sleep in armor, prepare glyph to sleep on, protecting myself as much as possible.  I still do not understand the mind of Kovu, and I did not entirely feel safe.  Before we could settle down for the evening, we heard a noise coming from the forest.  In rode two Paladins, both wearing the insignia of St. Cuthbert.  The dismounted, weapons not drawn, and asked to speak to Song girl, Elf, Rogue, and Kovu.  They turned to Mairna, Barbarian, and myself and addressing me advised that they knew of my returning the items and they were going to question the parties responsible.  They asked the fighter and barbarian to not be involved and if they were unable to step back to leave.  They stepped back, not leaving, and I saw the barbarian silently preparing and watching in case things went poorly and we were attacked. I knew he would not fight against the Paladins.

Kovu immediately started to become defensive, stating he had nothing to do with it, maybe the one who returned it did, or the one who sang the tale.  I was saddened by his inability to accept repercussions for his actions, but in the short time I had been in his company I was not surprised.  I spoke on behalf of Song girl, advising she came to me to be absolved, she gave me the items to return.  Kovu kept speaking, almost taunting the clearly powerful Paladins, and I asked that Song girl be allowed to stand with me.  I sensed situation was going to escalate, and I wanted to protect her.  One Paladin began preparing a spell, a truth telling spell, which the Elf dispelled.  Kovu kept talking, daring the Paladin to raise arms.

This is where the tale turns dark, friend.  The Paladin, sent here to do a job, walked up to Kovu and raising his sword, struck him down.  I could do nothing to stop it, nor negate it once it happened.  The Elf immediately went invisible, and Song girl and Rogue went back willingly.  They offered safe transport and a fair trial if they went, and after seeing what happen, they allowed them to take into custody.  They stated the remaining party members could go with them, travel back to town and bear witness to trial.  I offered to go to speak on the behalf of both, and thankfully both the dwarf and barbarian came with.  We were not given time to bury Kovu, and I knew the Elf would not come out of hiding.

I spoke with them while we traveled, telling our tale, and spoke of my sorrow of the outcome.  It had only been a short time, but the death of a companion is always bittersweet, even when you fear that companion may want to cause harm.  I was hoping in our travels I could ease his demons, as I had my own, that I could help him see light.  I know the Paladins did not want to strike down, only to serve justice, and sometimes you must take arms.

Song girl and Rogue were questioned, both admitting their parts, and both were given penance.  Song girl, because of her sorrow and confession, was given a week’s worth of service work and Rogue was given a month since, well, he was not as sorrowful.  We wait now in town for the month to be over, me working in Pelor’s church, Mairna with the blacksmith, and Barbarian with his pet.  Song girl has done her time, but I can tell that the loss of our two members has made her sad.  I hope she does not carry the weight on her shoulders.  Rogue should be done soon, and then we will regroup and head out again, to finish what we started.

I do not know what happened with Elf, but I feel she was angry.  I saw her look at me, the flash in the eyes, the anger burning deep.  It was not so long ago that I too had same look.  I would not be surprised if we crossed paths again, her and I.  I feel I may have made an enemy, but I have made so many during my time in this life.  I do not fear, as I have faith in Pelor, but I am always wary.  I do hope Kovu’s soul has repented, that he can be safely transported somewhere where there is not so much darkness.

Thank you for listening to tale, and for allowing me your time.  I shall be leaving here again soon, and it is nice to have a person to speak with.  The way things seem to go, I may be back here again, and it would be nice to share drink. I must go now, tuck my Song girl in, and also turn in for the evening.  May Pelor light your way in times of darkness, friend.


Hello!  As stated above, our 7 party group is now down to 5, as two of our members wanted to take an extended break over the summer months.  We will all miss them, and it won’t quite be the same playing without them.  

Ana, oh Ana, my Russian Cleric.  She is so troubled, that girl.  She has a dark past and try as she might to be full of light, there is always that piece of darkness that sits in her, doubting, mistrusting, making her wary.  It was difficult to play this out, as she is Neutral Good, and not Lawful Neutral, but I figured Pelor and Cuthbert are allies, and Ana would see a crime against an allied church as something she would not be comfortable with.  I do think Ana would have returned the items, and would not have told on the party, especially the church burning plan, to get them in trouble, but really because she would be concerned with the evilness of the plot.  She would want to try and help them redeem. 

The dark side of her though, the side of her that lives so quietly, was really nervous.  She really felt that Kovu was possibly planning something since the disagreement.  Ana would be very cautious, given her past, so that’s how I played her.

So onward we will go, to adventure, now with 5.  

I am going to go outside soon as the weather is too nice to be trapped inside.  I hope this day finds you all well, and really, go outside!


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