Dear Sunday

I have wasted you.

I have done nothing today and really am just thinking of ways to continue to do nothing until 9, when then I can do nothing watching Game of Thrones.

I have sat around watching pretty bad movies, really good movies in Spanish, and an old awards show on a Spanish channel with Spanish subtitles.

I have been forced to eat a rotisserie chicken without a fork or a plate.  I guess wanting the chicken meant I had to eat it in the packaging.  I still did it.  Don’t judge me.  I think I am going to hit up the Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer soon, but I will use a spoon.

We played the adult group last night and I drank a bit of wine at the insistence of my tricksy DM.  I didn’t really fight it much, but today I am pretty much useless.  Sometimes it is just a good thing to have a day where you let things go, let playdoh containers sit on the floor and eat some chicken with your hands.  

Happy Sunday, darlings.  This week will be better.


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7 responses to “Dear Sunday

  1. Len

    Sometimes we need days like this.

  2. I did about the same all weekend long. I managed to get some financial aid paperwork done for school, help my stepson with some homework, and drink about a bottle of mead. (The last is an accomplishment. Honest!) It was a good weekend, and I think I needed the recharge.

    • It’s good to know I wasn’t alone; sometimes you really do need to drink the whole bottle, and no one is going to judge you. Do you do a specific brand of mead? I thought I had to stay away from that because of gluten, but if I can partake in it, or if there is a brand, please let me know!

      • You don’t need to avoid mead. It’s actually less acidic than a lot of wines, so easier on the stomach. It’s made of water, honey, and yeast. Sometimes fruit is added to make different flavors. For the most part though, you should be fine drinking it, just contact the company to verify that no wheat or barley products are used in the fermenting process. Usually there aren’t. I usually drink Chaucer’s or Bunratty. Bunratty is better in flavor, IMO, and has a higher alcohol content (so be careful when drinking it). The sugar content seems to make it hit harder, so be careful when drinking it.

      • You just made my day; I can’t wait until my next adult session! I don’t drink during the week, and usually not when I’m home. Thanks again!

      • Glad to be of service. A bottle usually costs between 10 and 15 bucks.

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