In Times of Trial

I like to think of happier thoughts.  Right now, in the minutes before I start my final talk, I am reaching friends.  I am reaching for the memory that comforts me the most.  I am going to share the one that has me in a calm place right now.

As I told you, growing up, I lived in a 6 family apartment building.  I was on the third floor and when you went out to the backyard, there was a space between the two sides.  My mom told me to go stand there, right in the middle.  I went downstairs, not knowing why she told me to go there while she still stood up on the third floor porch.  When I reached the spot, I looked up and there were bubbles coming down at me.  She stood there and just kept blowing the bubbles until I was engulfed in a bubble wonderland.  That’s where I am now, friends, little, laughing, spinning around and around. 

Make something magical happen for someone today, or tomorrow.  You never know when that will become their happiest thought in a dark time.


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