Ripples in the Water

Today isn’t a pretty day.  It was that morning where you wake up at 7 and realize you set your alarm for 7 instead of 6:30 (I blame my iPhone for having my 6:30 and 7 right next to each other).  I stumbled into the bathroom trying to get the zipper of my footy pajamas unstuck while bouncing around trying to buy myself time.  I looked at myself in the mirror and almost screamed.  Half my hair was out of the pseudo-bun I put it in and in every which direction it could probably be in, one of my eyes was wide open so I could see and the other was squinted shut.  I looked ridiculous.  I somehow made it through my bathroom fiasco and headed downstairs to do my other routine things and made it out of the door; I get to work and realized I forgot to brush my hair.  Who forgets to brush their hair?  The best part is since my hair is very curly, even when I pull it back, I have all these little hairs that come popping out of everywhere.  Today is just not a pretty day.  It’s okay, I am going to embrace it.

I have had so many adventures over the last month.  It seems crazy for me looking back on it, everything that I did and the directions that my life that have changed course.  In the last month I have left the country, spent 13 hours on an airplane where my TV didn’t work, was amazed by the most beautiful country in the world, came back home, attempted to adjust back to normal life, had D&D, talked divorce, and went to Bingo.  How could I not have a million things to write about?  I do, dear friends, and I am really grateful that you are all still here with me.  I tried to write about my NZ trip a few times, but I can’t get the words to come.  I think for now it’s not ready to be told and it has to stay with me, as just mine.  Ana wants to tell her story today anyways, so I am sure you all don’t mind if I let her go for just a few moments.

The kids D&D session was great this last time.  I don’t know if it was because it had been so long since we had played; maybe it was just slated to be a good session.  The last time we had left off we were back in the small town getting rested up since some ghosts almost recruited us to be ghosts with them.  Our bard wanted to make some money so they decided to have a concert and during this somehow we managed to discover that spies were in the town, working for the evil clerics we had spotted before.  Yes, a concert.  Anyways, before I go further, let me introduce you all again to our group as there have been a couple of changes!

Our Group!

The Bard (Melodie) – Played by Girl1

The Rogue (Dirge) – Played by Boy

The Cleric (Anastasia) – Played by yours truly

The Wizard (Ithil)  – Played by Alysson

The Sorcerer (Kovu) – Played by Corte

The Fighter (Myrna Orcbreaker) – Played by K

The Barbarian (Frederick) – Played by Billy

Now K and Billy are fairly new to both the game and the group.  Corte ran a druid before but wasn’t having much fun playing him so he asked our lovely DM if she minded him switching out.  So he ditched the druid and decided to run the Chaotic Neutral sorcerer.  Our group seemed to sort of split into two groups – Bard, Rogue, Wizard, and Sorcerer in one mischievous group and myself, Fighter, and Barbarian into the more level headed group.

Ana rather enjoys looking at the Sorcerer; he is pretty good looking and she is an adult female.  She is very logical, and can be quite stern, but she is still a woman at her core.  She has a feeling that he has used his charms to get away with some sketchy things within the group, but he had not done anything to truly make her mad until this day.

The group learned that there was a spy circuit running in the town and was able to obtain the information of where they were staying.  Myrna, Fred, and I decided to just go to the Mill, while the others were doing who knows what behind us.  We made it in and were talking to the workers before the others showed up, and they told us that there were people downstairs.  Once downstairs we noticed the bedrolls that had clearly been slept in but were no longer occupied and three sets of doors at the far end of the room.  We approached the doors carefully when the popped open and surprised us, weapons drawn and ready. 

As we were fighting we came up with a plan to hold one, to try to get information out of the spy about who they were working for, what they were doing in the town, etc.  My hold spell had failed to do it’s job, but luckily we had one that yielded.  A half-orc threw down his weapon and shouted “Yield” in Common.  I was quite happy with the turn of events considering I was unable to hold the other.  Before I knew what was going on I saw the Sorcerer wind out and throw out Magic Missiles right into the Half-Orc’s chest.  I was dumbfounded and unable to speak for a good solid moment. 

Basic rules of combat dictate when an enemy yields, throws down his arms, at that moment they are taken prisoner.  I was angry, really more infuriated, at what had just transpired.  This was senseless and cruel, even if he was an evil person, did he not deserve a chance to say his peace?  I, of all people, know even one who has been branded as evil can have a life change.  What if someone took that choice from me?  I had to walk away to compose myself before I could address the group.  Myrna followed, also shocked at what had happened.  Being a dwarf, she did not care for the life of a half-orc, but she still saw the error of what happened.  I wanted to leave at first, but once my mind had cleared I knew I would not be able to leave the Bard and the Rogue.  Trouble as they may be, I still feel softness for them, and my mind worries about what would happen to them if they did not have someone to help them follow the path of clarity.  What about Ithil, who was left by her last travelling partner, and now has to find her own way?  I feel a need to protect them, even if they do not feel they need it.

I went back, ready to confront the situation.  I told Kovu I was displeased with his actions, that we should have waited to hear what he had to say.  He started to speak, to say that the half-orc deserved it because he was evil, that he attacked first.  I told him that before he joined I was elected leader of the group and we had a plan in motion to obtain information.  The question of my leadership came up, as more had joined the group after my being nominated as leader and I gladly offered a revote.  Out of no where, papers descended from the sky, one for each, to write in the name of the one who should lead.  I’m not sure how the Barbarian wrote his down, but he handed in his paper none the less, and it disappeared into a puff of fire.  My name was called, retaining my place as leader, with Myrna as second in command.

I wish I could say this was the end; that apologies were made and we made our way back to the situation at hand, but no.  Kovu started asking people who they voted for, as he clearly was unhappy with the outcome.  When Ithil stated she had put my name down, he charged up and attacked her but immediately yielded.  Again, chaos ensued.  The Bard became frightened and came over to me, the Barbarian was ready to start battling him, I was speaking to Myrna, trying to understand what was happening.  I understand chaotic, but I have a difficult time understanding striking down a yielding enemy and attacking a team member, who has not wronged you.  He stated he was trying to prove a point, that I as leader would make wrong decisions when it came to evil characters that yield.  I am still unsure of his point, as I did not attack him and he still lived.  His rules would have had me take his life for his actions. 

The group was in shambles after this.  Confusion was everywhere and no one quite knew what to do.  We searched around and learned through notes that we had taken care of all the spies in the town, so I wanted us to regroup.  I told everyone that we would go back to the inn and rest for the evening.  I would buy a round of drinks and we could play a game after I informed the town’s elder of the situation with the spies.  We played a drinking game (which I won, the Motherland would be proud) and as I watched my sleeping group, placing blankets around them, I gave them all a blessing, except one.  I will watch him, with one eye open at all times. 



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3 responses to “Ripples in the Water

  1. tricksy dm

    I seriously did not know how to handle that situation, but you all did an amazing job role playing it out. One bit of advice: watch your back. Kovu isn’t done with Ana.

  2. What edition are you playing?

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