Your Wizard is in Another Castle

Bonjour mon ami!  It has been some time since I have been able to speak to you.  Last I left you I was spinning my tale of valiant deeds to be done and werewolves lurking in the night.  To those new to this fine establishment, je m’appelle Grace and behind me playing the lute is Glamorith.  We have had quite an adventure which we shall tell you; just sit and pull up a chair.  You in the back, come up more; I promise not to bite you.  I may fall in love with you, or you with me, as most do.  If you sit with me for a moment, I promise to warm your heart.

So, as I left off, we were travelling and had awoken to a wolf who had turned into a man upon defeat.  I was bitten but did not want to worry my fellow travelers.  Plus, who knows what they may have done if they sensed that I could be tainted.  Glam, do stop playing such an ominous song, let’s have something a little lighter!

I bandaged myself quickly and we packed up our camp and continued our travels. It wasn’t long before we came across a man, wearing armour and looking as if he had seen some adventure in his time.  We decided to ask him along, as there is safety in numbers, plus I had a sense about him that there was something magical about him.  He wasn’t so bad on the eyes either, and well, us girls like a little eye candy.  Conan is a little too, well, barbarian for me.  Ralph (pronounced Rafe) is part of my work team – he is dancing over in the corner, and I don’t mix business with pleasure.  Well, not all of the time.  So, he came with us and we put one foot in front of the other.  

We came across an obsidian fortress and the higher we climbed, the hotter it became.  It almost became unbearable, but then I remembered my potion of endure elements I had in my backpack.  We came to a door and tried to enter it, but it pulsated with electricity.  Valaria, our fighter and possibly Conan’s woman, and I tried getting in but we kept getting shocked by currents of electricity.  I wasn’t hurt by it, remember, I am acrobatic (and very flexible) so I was able to avoid it, but she did get slightly hurt.  After the third attempt it dawned on me that the portly Baron with chicken in his beard had given us a key!  She took it out and as soon as it touched to door it opened allowing us in.

I went first, as I have a natural ability to sense trouble, and found nothing amazing.  I beckoned the group into what once must have been a receiving room.  There was a sign in book and the last person to sign in did so 8 years prior to us.  The air was stale and warm and not really comfortable.  We searched onward for any sign of life, but there was nothing in the stone walls.

There was a beautiful room we came across.  It was almost like a metal forest and colors bounced around the room like rainbows.  I do think I could have stayed in there forever; sadly I was unable to put anything in my bag or pockets.  Upon exiting, I noticed there was a tripwire which if activated would have shot crossbows towards a closed door.  I wondered if that was to keep something out… or in?

We didn’t have to search much farther to find out.  Entering one room brought us into the company of some dwarf like creatures with fire in their beards and on their heads.  The way they started attacking us it also seemed like they were not eager for introductions!  We prepared ourselves for battle and they started to not to look so good, bending over and panting, when they called for a truce.  It’s funny when enemies always want a truce when they are at the sharper end of a sword.

I kept my bow at the ready and told them to speak, but speak true.  They told us how they were employed by the wizard of the castle, but they have not seen him for some time.  One day things, such as a bug bear, and a lizard/dragon looking lady had started attacking the band of dwarves and they were a little on edge.  We made peace with them and told them we were on a search for the wizard ourselves, so we should become allies (meaning they should use their resources to heal us and aid us on our quest – they did attack first).

Continuing further, we found nothing of value, which was sorely disappointing to me.  I do so like pretty things, and to not find anything was sad.  We came across 4 shut doors and in a very bold move opened them all at the same time, not fearing what was behind the doors.



I’m still not sure if this was bold or stupidity…

Alas, we were disappointed to find only moldy clothing and shoes.  

In the next room, however, we found a most disgusting troll, full of rot and stench. 


I said troll, not pony!

The attack began fast and fiercely.  This was not an easy foe for us, as we learned when our fighter became unconscious.  It started to look dim when we heard a door open and the lizard/dragon lady came out.  The magical fighter quickly brought our fighter back to her feet (see, my man senses are almost never wrong) to finish the troll and without a moment to rest we began again.  She was stronger than us, our fighter fell again, and I started to try and negotiate.  I wanted to ensure my survival, no matter the costs, but she would have none of it.  I noticed Ralph (pronounced Rafe) disappear (sneaky wizard, escaping while she was occupied with us…)

Just when things looked it’s worst, at a point where I succumbed to the idea of eternal sleep, he returned with the fire dwarves who were ready to battle.  Our hurt party members were able to step back and let them take over, and soon she was gone by our hands.

Victory was ours, friends.  We sat huddled, going through the loot and celebrating our own survival.  There are many doors in front of us, and many dangers ahead.  We will venture forward and not stop until we know what has happened to the wizard.  I was also quite sure there were valuables to be found, and I would never give up with the promise of riches to find.

The hour grows late though, my sweets, and I am tired of speaking for tonight.  I can tell Glam would also like to break for a bit.  I thank you for spending your time with us, and you in the back, I would enjoy it very much if you bought me a drink.  I am quite flexible you know…



The adult group went very well last session!  We were able to welcome another player (he was always slated to play, but couldn’t make the first session).  I told him we would be besties.


You can’t be besties without a self pic on Facebook and Instagram!

We played on Saturday and then we had the kid’s session on Sunday morning, so it was a very tiring weekend!  This weekend we will be doing both sessions on Saturday since this is the last week we are playing for a while.  I am taking a trip to New Zealand (I leave next Thursday!) so it will be about 3 weeks before we play again.  I have one piece left about the kids session to do before Saturday and I have A LOT of packing to do.  

Stay happy, friends, and always keep your D20 handy.  You never know when you’ll have to roll a check.



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2 responses to “Your Wizard is in Another Castle

  1. Len

    Dwarves to the rescue, as always. By leaps and bounds my favorite race. Sounds like a good story line with ready made help just a few doors down.

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