Things I need to blog about

Hello friends!  It has been some time, and I apologize.  You want to know what happened to me over the last week or so?  I will show you:


I hope you didn’t want to come in because this is how far I was able to open my door.

Snowmageddon came to my piece of the world and it decided to bury me in.  Now, you may think that would be the perfect reason to just blog, but here is what I had to deal with:


This was taken outside my window.  It was my car, and by car I mean mini-van.  The snow fricken buried my mini-van.

Shovelling takes it’s toll and makes me a very cranky and unsociable creature.  This is how I spent most nights:



You can’t see my frowny face.

So yeah, there was a lot of snow to get out of and because of it I was pretty tired. I promise I have some updates to do about D&D games, women in the geek community, and of course my excitement about my upcoming trip to New Zealand to see FFAC.  So until then, keep your hearth warm and your ale cold!



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7 responses to “Things I need to blog about

  1. Len

    Yikes, that is nasty! Glad you made it through.

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