You’re Playing a Dustbuster?

Hello, dear friend!  Sorry I have been a bit slack with posting, but I have been really under the weather since Sunday.  I am starting to get back bits of energy here and there, so I am going to try and post quickly before I run out.  Again.

As I am sure you have guessed, last Saturday was our bi-weekly family D&D session.  It was going to be hopefully our last day in the dungeon we have been in for 3 months (though game time it has only been 2 days).  We had stared down a young dragon, met some evil clerics with some wonderful fashion senses (ochre colored robes?  Awesome!), and found some evil rooms and a tentacle monster.  Dirge, our young dashing rogue, was battling the evil within, Melodie was having a hard time connecting with others, our elvish companions, Ithril and Fuyo were keeping fairly quiet (probably trying to figure out what to do with Dirge) and Ana was just taking them all in and watching.  We had found our way to the bottom of the hole and there was an evil cleric to battle!  After finishing that up (Dirge had suggested hitting the cleric first, we all said, no the adds.  Come to find out Dirge was right and it should have always been the adds first.  We didn’t let him rub it in our faces, but he totally should have).  We searched the rest of the rooms and the squishies wanted to throw a rock at a wall where a huge second tentacle monster came out of the wall.  There was a pillar in the room and we climbed up and was transported to another place where we had a voice speak to us.  A fruit appeared in our hands and we had to choose whether to eat it or not.  Eat we did, and we got a +1 to one of our base stats.  We were out.  Finally out!

Now to the other parts of the session.  We camped for a night and upon waking up, we had a dwarf in our midst.  Mairna Orcbreaker was looking for us after wandering into the town and hearing about the 5 people who went off to the moathouse.  Mairna is played by K, who after the last session wanted to join into this one as well.  Next time, my brother Billy will also be joining us so we will have a group of 7.  Bless my tricksey DM.

My sister also has an interest in playing, so this has inspired me to pick up the DM guide as well as a Monster Manual.  I am thinking of maybe running a Wednesday night group which would be my brother, my sister, maybe her beau (the word beau needs to make a comeback), Girl 1 and Boy, and K.  It could easily be a 6 person group, so I will have to really start paying attention to how my DM handles the large crowd.  I am still rather new at playing; it hasn’t been a year yet, but my heart warms at the interest people are showing at playing, and how once introduced, to see it take hold.  It truly is a lot of fun, and not just an excuse to eat onion dip.  It is so vast, and you really can do what you want in the world.I adore the social aspect of it as well, how the game will show you how to work together and problem solve.

I have always wanted to play, but growing up there was no one I knew that did play.  It isn’t a game you can play by yourself or even with just one other person.  It really does excite me to see everyone wanting to play and having fun with it!  Our group has doubled + some in less than a year of playing, which goes to show that even with the best graphics available you still can’t beat just sitting around a table and spending time together.

So what’s that got to do with a dustbuster?  Boy decided to level up when he hit level 5 as a duskblade.  When he told people, K came out with, “You are going to play as a Dustbuster?”  Yes, people, Dustbuster is now a playable class.

Until next time, dearest friends, always remember to leave space at your table for one or two more.



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2 responses to “You’re Playing a Dustbuster?

  1. Len

    I was lucky! We had a group of 6 or so guys in my neighborhood who played D&D at night after a full day of playing ball. I hope to be able to GM for my son and his friends as he gets older. (ochre looks good on anyone)

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