Tricksey DM…..

Welcome, fair traveller, welcome to our performance!  I bid you good health, and a loose purse for the evening!  I promise to entertain with tales of great adventure, filled with new friends and dangerous foes, and a night watch that could possibly spell doom for yours truly.  How can I be here entertaining you, good town folk, if I can be in the danger of doom?  Open your ears, your heart, and your eyes, while I tell you our tale.

I will take this time to introduce us.  I am Grace, of the Falconsflight clan, and to the right of me tuning her lute is Glamorith the Bard.  As I can do feats in the air and on the ground in such a way no mere human can have a right to do, she can entice and fascinate you with her lute, singing songs of love, lust, and friendship.

We met in a small town, not unlike the one we are in now.  I wandered in, as that is what I do, to perform my acrobatic feats for the town.  I was raised in a travelling troupe, and have taken my show on the road.  I walked into the local tavern and was seated next to an elven lady, who was polishing her lute.  I convinced her to play for me, and offered her myself as a companion since I felt we could be great partners.  I tumble, she plays, perfect!  She agreed and we were talking to get to know each other when in wandered Valarya the Fighter and Conan the Barbarian.  Somehow, I felt like I have heard of this barbarian before.  Before long, we were joined by Wrath (pronounced Rafe) who wanted to tell us about the town and it’s people.  I won’t share their stories because it isn’t my own (and trust me, mine is much more entertaining).  Before long we were summoned by the portly baron, who I swear had chicken in his beard, who offered us a task if we chose to accept it.  We listened to his tale of the mage who lived in a keep who every 5 years would call for an apprentice.  After another 5 years would pass, the old apprentice would come to the town and choose a new, unless the mage had died, in which case a new one would not be chosen.  This year marked the end of the 5 year run, and at the Fire Festival, the town waited in anticipation for the apprentice to come, but he never did.  We were to go to the keep and see what was going on, see if the mage was alive or dead.

With the reward of 1000 gold pieces, and a week of performances in the town, I agreed, as did my new travelling companions.  We also worked out a night of free room and drinks, and headed on our way.

Glamorith and I met some… interesting gentlemen, who were willing to entertain us for some time before we set off.  In the morning, freshly rested and excited for the day, we set off.  It started off easy enough, you know if three giant spiders falling right into your path is easy enough.  We made quick work of the spiders, I tumbling around, flanking and stabbing before they knew what hit them.  I guess the others did things as well, and Glam played a mean lute song.  She plays so well, I am quite sure I was inspired.  After that, we travelled on and found a nice spot to camp.

It was a warm fire, a nice meal, and good conversation (except for Conan.  I know he seemed very excited about a kraken, but I don’t know how much he has going on up there).   Watches were set, and I settled in to what ended up being a very interesting night.

I was awaken by Glam, who told me it was time for my watch.  I like having the last watch, seeing the sunrise in the morning, feeling the forest wake up around me.  I was sharpening my throwing daggers when I heard a rustle around me.  I waited a moment, stopping all movement.  I wasn’t very worried, I mean, I am an acrobat and getting out of things is a speciality of mine.  I decided after the second rustle, and the general uneasy feeling that was growing inside me, to wake up the group.  As soon as my voice was out of my mouth, a wolf charged from behind the trees!  Before the group was fully up and ready to go I am afraid I was bit, right on my forearm.  I fought back and soon everyone was there, lending their weapons (and lute) while I tumbled out of the wolf’s front and into the back.

I wish this was the end of my tale, a simple bite from a forest wolf.  I wish I could say we defeated him and I took his hide for a new cloak.  Upon defeat, before our very eyes, the wolf changed into a man.  A now very dead man.  Our wolf was no mere wolf, but one who changes shape with the full moon, and I was bitten.  Now instead of travelling for just performing, I travel now for a cure, as it has not yet been the time of the round moon, my first transformation not yet complete.  I am afraid of what will come when this happens, of changing and not knowing my human side, possibly attacking my friends.  I cringe at my new senses I feel growing, my sense of smell becoming more defined.  I hope I can find my way to a cure, so charging out of woods upon fellow travellers, does not become my fate.

Glam is the only one who knows of my ordeal, well and you, good townfolk.  Do not look on me with fear yet, as I am still as human as you.  I hope you can open your purse to us, so when we find a cure it is not out of our price.  I shall remember you kindly if you do, and if not, well, let’s just say I could be back here on one of the three nights of the full moon.


So that was our first adventure last night.  It was K’s first go, and I was looking forward to introducing her to D&D.  She had spent a lot of time making her character, reading the Player’s Handbook, studying on the Bard class.  She learned what it mean to be an elf, and how to apply it while travelling.  We showed up at our lovely DM’s house and I did the mental checklist to make sure we were prepared.  This mental checklist consisted of looking for two things:

Mountain Dew

Ruffles potato chips and french onion dip (Lay’s Wavy can work in a pinch, but it has to be the dry Liptons soup package and sour cream).

These two things are vital for the D&D gaming night.  I had never played where children were not present and playing, so it was a nice change to be able to play with adults.  I had prepared two characters, a Paladin (go go Lawful Good babysitter!) and a Chaotic Neutral rogue.  I decided I would roll when I got there and however the dice fell is what I would play. Grace was chosen, so off we went.

It really was as explained above.  I was pretty excited, went up for my watch and then BAM!  Werewolf.  Wait, what?  Girls hate body hair!  This can’t happen to me!  I hate shaving in winter, and that’s just the normal shaving!  Why couldn’t it be a were-wolverine?  Ah well, I am sure that we will move forward and as all things go, let the cards fall where they may.  I was joking with my Decider of Fate and told her she was tricksey.  Karma really is a bitch…

Until next time!


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