The Boy’s Adventures in D&D

It’s been a while since I have spoken about our D&D adventures, but with the holidays and all, it hasn’t been as plentiful as we would have liked it to be.  Alas, our poor travelers have been left for long stretches of time, surrounded by stone walls, having a very long rest.  I’m actually a little envious of them.  I mean sure, they have to fight magical undead creatures, evil clerics, and the occasional dragon, but they do about 4 hours of work and then get to sleep for like 2+ weeks!  Plus, they seem to have a limitless supply of beef jerky, and that just sounds delicious.

Today I think I am going to focus on The Boy, and his journey through the D&D universe.  I realized I lack stories of The Boy on here and I must move to rectify this posthaste.  He really is quite the character, as most who know him will tell you.  So without further ado, meet The Boy.


Outside of D&D The Boy loves all things video games.  He loves talking video games, playing video games, and watching Youtube videos of other people playing video games.  He will play almost any video game, but complete only a few.  At the age of 12, he still hasn’t mastered a fork, but he will tell you his destiny is to save the world.  I’m super serial right now.


You can’t tell from this photo, but he has Dorito powder all over his face.

You see, about two, maybe three years ago, he quite seriously told me that his destiny is to save the world.  He has his name picked out (I’m not at liberty to tell you what that would be, because then you would know who he was).  He was going to start training (still waiting for that to happen and Tae Kwon Do lessons didn’t go very far).  He at the age of 15, he was start shouldering the responsibility of the world.  Unless he plans on using a controller or a computer keyboard as his weapon, I hope he starts practicing with something else soon.  I’m still working on the fork.  He also can bust out some dance moves like I have never seen before.  The Boy = love.


He’s also not afraid to ride a tricycle!

Now in D&D, he is a rogue with a past.  A very vague past, but still a past.  When our group of brave adventurers first started our travels together he was asked where he was from.  His answer?  “Burned Down Town”.  He also liked to waltz into everyone saying he was a smooth talking ladies man, who happened to be an assassin.  I adore the idea of a town name just being “Burned DownTown”.  If I ever win the lotto (it’s gonna happen one day!) I want to buy land and try to create “Burned Down Town”, you know, without all the burning though.  Here are some of The Boy’s greatest lines while playing D&D:

  • While speaking Draconic to a very angry dragon – “Don’t eat me, eat the Cleric.”  I am the Cleric, by the way.
  • “Oh, let’s just kill her.” About the Bard, played by Girl 1
  • “I’ll step on it again!” About an alter, in an incredibly evil room, after he stepped on it once and it started to disappear.

Every group has that one person who just makes you laugh by opening their mouth.  In our group, it is The Boy.  Every time we play he does something that makes us all crack up for quite a few minutes and talk about it the next time after.  He keeps it light hearted and amusing.  I remember when we first created characters, he was going to be Neutral Good, but now he has fallen to Chaotic Neutral.  He is just chaos, so this is a much better fit, even if he doesn’t like the idea of being tied up every night because none of us trust him.


How can you not trust this face?  When he tells dragons to eat you, that’s when!

After the last play session, I decided The Boy and I were going to work on his back-story.  Not that “Burned Down Town” wasn’t one of the greatest places ever (and we kept that), but to help him find his character and give him some depth.  We are going to be making a push at role-playing it out a bit more and I figured it may help him to create something more than just “Assassin”.  We had a great time bouncing ideas off each other and in the end created what I think is a fabulous story.  He is really excited to start role-playing it out and I really enjoyed the one on one time just working with him.

I will conclude, my friend, by reminding you not to worry.  In just shy of three years, we will have The Boy protecting us and saving the world from all of the greatest evils.  Let’s just hope he isn’t in his super hero costume and eating spaghetti at the same time.


Can you see the food on his face?  I love him so much.



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4 responses to “The Boy’s Adventures in D&D

  1. Len

    We had a player who “Attempted to harness the foul beast” on every creature we ran across.

  2. Hahaha, it’s bad for him that I am playing a Neutral Good Cleric. We end up butting heads all the time! I swear, he is one step away from our DM changing his alignment 😀

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