First Post of the Year

I assume that there may be bunches of other posts this day with the same title.  Forgive my not being original!  I hope your last night of 2012 and the start of 2013 has been safe, and treated you well.  I admit, I didn’t celebrate in the fashion it deserved.  2012 was an amazing year, and 2013 will just be magical.  Let me explain!

2012 was simply great.  On December 31, 2011, I decided that 2012 would be my year of growth.  I would do things that scared me, and I did.  I wouldn’t let my fears hold me back from things that could equal happiness.  It was scary, friend.  Facing yourself and your insecurities is one of those things that can cripple you. The worst part is, you really cannot enlist in the aid of allies.  You walk that battle alone, usually giving yourself an internal pep talk (and hoping it stays internal because saying it out loud would just be weird).  It wasn’t always as easy as I may make it seem.  There were moments where my internal dialogue included such gems as, “Oh.  That could have been handled a lot better.  Let’s evaluate that and do better next time”.  I made it through.  It was a year of growth.  I also know I was directly responsible for it, my will being the thing that helped me get over myself.  Sometimes we are our own worst enemies and I think 2012 was the year I realized I could be my best friend.

photo (44)


Does this make me my own frenemy?

I should have spent the last day as I lived it.  I should have been out with glittering clothes, throwing caution to the wind, and yelling at the top of my lungs.  Instead, I was on my couch, surrounded by my children, trying to get them not to fight.  I should have been dancing, toasting myself and my year long trek through my soul.  Truth be told, I was happy on the couch with them.  My being on the couch with them was comforting and reminded me exactly why I needed to take that journey.  While the journey was taken alone, the three of them were the ones who stood with me when I celebrated my small successes and comforted me when I fell.  Just because my battles were internal, they were still there cheering me on.

Oh 2013, you have some big shoes to fill.  You can’t just be growth, you must be action.  I have taken my time to figure things out, now it is going to be your time to shine.  You will be the year of movement.  It’s the first day, but it’s the most important day.  It’s time to be happy, to put all of my learnings and lessons to use.  Everyone always has these grandiose thoughts for the start of the beginning of the year, but we aren’t going to operate just on thoughts this year.  My goodness, we even survived the latest apocalypse, we can’t let this time go by and just have great thinks.  We must have great do’s.  Revolutionize this year. Define and then redefine.  Life is fleeting and fast; be someone who screams louder than anyone else.  Be heard.  Remember that you are beauty incarnate.  If someone makes you feel you aren’t, get rid of them.

Remember that problems have simple solutions.  The solution may be hard to execute, but it is never impossible.  Solve it.  Execute.



I believe in you!

Remember you have the strength to change things.  If you aren’t happy, figure out what makes you happy and embrace it.

photo (46)


Look how happy they look!  They are embracing that MAGICAL HAPPINESS!

Craft sometimes.  It may not be pretty but do it any ways.  It is magical to make something with your own hands and very therapeutic.  There are crafts for everyone, just find something that interests you.

photo (45)


This is just spaghetti, glue, and glitter.  You have these items.  

Read.  Even if you only read one book this year, read.  You could be amazed by how much someone’s words may touch and inspire you.  I know I continually am.

Love.  Love hard and fierce.  There just can’t be enough love in this world.  It doesn’t matter how small you may think it is, or how impossible it may seem.  Just love.  If it doesn’t inspire you, find something else, because above all else love should make you feel like you can do anything (and you can!).

Grow something.  I was never prouder than when I grew green beans.  I didn’t really follow directions, but I planted them and hoped for the best.  I watched them and watered them and just waited.  When they started sprouting I was so proud of myself.

photo (47)

I can’t wait to live out my year and tell you all about it.  I know we are going to do all the best things together.  We will laugh often and with abandon.  We may drink too much, but don’t worry, if we do, I will tell you that you are still pretty.  Love you all, and here is to 2013.

photo (16)



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3 responses to “First Post of the Year

  1. You are always, gorgeous love. Thank you for your inspiring words. I miss you and would love a coffee date some time! ❤

  2. HS

    Cheers to a year of growth and change!

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