Best of 2012

So, we are over halfway through December, and what a month it has been!  I’m not sure how active I will be over the next couple of weeks as this is notoriously a busy time of year.  Planning, creating, baking, shopping, for the holidays is busy.  With three kids, I also get the added bonus of every germ in the US finding its way into my system.  Seriously.  I had a chest cold followed by a stomach bug which we are still all working through.  I wanted to put up a positive post, as the last couple have been kinda moody.  I’m glad I wrote them, because honestly, who can be a ray of sunshine all the time?  To truly be friends, one must see all sides, or at least more than one side of someone.  Let’s truly be friends, ok?  I promise to love you no matter if you are moody or happy!  Now let’s talk about 2012!

I want to talk about the best things that happened in 2012.  This list is in no particular order of greatness (though FFAC would tell you that the best thing to come out of 2012 would be my meeting him in person, and I would agree).

1) D&D – Finally getting to play D&D was awesome!  It was something I always wanted to do but lacked people and knowledge. My lovely DM and I talked about playing together for quite some time, but I couldn’t commit to the schedule before and after she had her ball of cuteness we were able to come up with something that worked for us.  Since she was going to work at home, and I would still be in the office, it gave us an opportunity to still hang out. The best bonus of all?  I got to play with the Boy and Girl 1.  Sharing this ultra geeky hobby with them has been awesome, and a lot of fun.  The second best bonus?  Dice!

2) Finding my creative side – I am not crafty, or at least I wasn’t.  I would say this came to fruition thanks to Pinterest and Kuna.  Kuna is very crafty and Pinterest is a great breeding ground for inspiration.  Pretty much everything on my tree is handmade and I’m not done yet!  I have been able to create with my children and myself. I am still working on my blanket.  Never in my whole life would I imagine I would be able to crochet anything, never mind come as far as I have with my blanket!

3) Sending my last child off to school – This one is so many good and sad feels rolled up in one.  It hurt to send her off into the world, but it is such a great feeling to see her head up the stairs, so excited, so many new things ahead of her.

4) New job! – It was the job that almost wasn’t.  I waited almost my whole career at my current employer for this exact opening to come up.  I interviewed for it, it went very well, but I didn’t want to get my hoped up.  I knew I had some tough competition, and I was nervous because I wanted it so badly.  I didn’t get the job, well not at first, but then a couple of days after getting that news another position had opened and I was offered the position.  I started training this week and so far it is going really well.  I am once again excited for work. It feels nice, friend.

5) The Hunger Games movie came out! – It was really exciting!  I was waiting for that movie!

6) The return of Teen Fiction in my life – I hadn’t really read much in the teen fic genre, despite my number 5 reason for loving 2012.  I read a couple of books that really showed me that teen fiction can be just as good, sometimes if not better, than some other books I had read.  Both Tiger Lily and The Child Thief had touched me in different ways and were beautifully written.  I can’t wait to dive into it more and see what I have been missing for these many, many, years.

7) Girl 1’s revelation – If you don’t know, it was a few blog posts ago (It’s Raining Men).  I was so very proud of my beautiful girl.  It really was like watching a caterpillar transform into a butterfly in front of my eyes.  The fact that we are so close, and the whole thing came out the way it did was so wonderful and so us.

8) Meeting FFAC for the first time – I know he was probably going crazy reading all of this with no mention of him yet, but I wanted to hold out as long as I could.  Six years in the making, and we finally got to hang out in the same airspace.  Some people you just have a connection with, and it’s instantaneous.  FFAC is like that for me.  From day 1 of talking to when we met, to now, it’s just one of those unexplainable things that happens when you meet someone who just changes your chemistry.  He could probably finish my sentences.  We lost contact for most of those 6 years, but you wouldn’t know it.  As soon as we started talking again it was as if we had never stopped.  I remember fearing it may be awkward when we met, though it wasn’t.  It felt like he had always been around.  We did lots of things, like go to New York with some of my favorite people, check out Nomads, eat a lot, go to the aquarium.  It was a lot of fun.  I was really sad until…

9) The return of FFAC! – He came back in October.  He is one of my best friends, and while I am grateful that technology allows me to talk to him weekly (and for free!), nothing beats hanging out in person!  We got to play D&D, go back to Nomads, eat a lot, watch all three extended director’s cut Lord of the Rings movies, have get togethers.  It was really a lot of fun having him here.  I’m working on getting him out here full time because a girl can’t be without her bestie!  I do miss him an awful lot, and I get sad when I think about it, and this isn’t meant to be sad.  I am super grateful that he came over not once, but twice.  It was something I never thought would actually happen, especially when we stopped talking.  If the Universe has taught me anything though it is that things happen when they are meant to happen.  I don’t think you can mess up the Universe’s plans.

So, I’ll end it there for now.  2013 looks to be promising!  I know I have my passport now and this weekend the trip will be booked for my heading over to see FFAC in NZ.  That will be pretty exciting as it is the first time I will be stepping foot out of the US of A.  2012 was really an amazing year; some ups, some downs, but mostly ups.  It taught me that it really is what you make of it.  There are beautiful things everywhere, just sometimes we are so busy, and get so caught up in ourselves and our issues, that we fail to see what is right in front of us.  Some things you have to work for, but dearest friend, if you have to work for it, do it.  Work hard, so hard that you feel the sweat coming down.  It’s always worth it.

2012 was a year of finding myself.  I was lost for a while, but I worked hard.  I found parts of me all over the place.  I found parts of me in places I didn’t think I would.  I found some in music, in yarn, in globs of glue and glitter.  I found some in my children’s faces, and those parts of me may stay with them.  I am not done working to find them all, but I have made wonderful progress.

2013 will be the year of putting the correct pieces in the correct places.  It is more hard work, but for once I am not afraid.  I will soldier on.  I will succeed.  Above all, I will be happy.  I am aware of yin and yang, with happiness may come sadness, but again, I am not afraid.  I am looking forward to all 2013 has to offer.

I hope the holidays are kind to you, lovely friend.  Over the past week we have all witnessed acts of unspeakable ugly.  I am going to work on bringing some beauty back, some hope, and maybe if I am lucky some peace.  We are worth it.  I’d like to hug you, even if I don’t really do hugs, and wish you a happy holiday, from my heart to yours.


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