The Day of Thanks

Oh happy day!  I am so so so happy you are here!  Guess what I got today?  A new dishwasher!  That’s right, friend, I no longer need to do dishes by hand!  Well some of them maybe, sure, but overall I can give up the sponge.  Give up the sponge.  I like this, and I may file it away for later use.

So, I didn’t mean to start off with something as mundane as a dishwasher.  I’ll take your things and you know the drill by now.  Coffee, tea, cocoa – it’s all up for grabs.  I’ll grab the cards, because I feel like a little Rummy today, and let me fill you in (and for the record, I have no huge announcements like my last post.  My life can’t be that exciting all the time).  

This week isn’t over yet, but it has already become one of my busiest weeks.  I had two job interviews, one on Monday, the other on Tuesday.  In true me fashion one went smashingly well and the other was the worst interview I have ever had in my entire life.  First I’ll fill you in on the good one!  It was mostly all the routine interview questions you can expect, and I think I nailed it pretty well.  Thankfully, I did, because my brain always likes to throw a curve ball.  You see, I have been crafting (more on this later), and I found a way to sneak that into the interview.  In my mind, crafting = stability.  I mean, who doesn’t picture someone sitting in a chair free of laundry, crocheting a blanket and NOT think, “Wow, this person is incredibly stable and I would like them to work for me.”  I am waiting to hear back on that, so wish me luck!  

Interview two was not so good, and by not so good I mean I wanted to crawl under a rock upon it’s completion.  The posting I saw really seemed to be very similar to what I do now, just a different segment.  A different segment would mean I could learn new things.  I liked the idea of this.  So I applied and spoke to the HR rep.  She pretty much asked me normal run of the mill questions that applied to my current role.  I was passed onto the second stage and then it all fell apart.  About 10 minutes into my interview they told me everything I thought about the position was wrong.  Really, really, wrong.  Towards the end, I just had to laugh a bit because it went so badly it was almost out of a sitcom.  You know who laughs at the wrong times in interviews?  Unstable people.  I should have balanced it out with my blanket making.

Which brings me to….


I am now a crafter!  One of my besties taught me how to crochet over the weekend and I decided to work on a blanket.  I think I finally found my crafting niche.  I am someone who is not really artistic, so you know on Pintrest or magazines when you see something and think, “Oh, that looks easy!  I can totally do that!” and then you attempt it and it looks like a 4 year old threw up crayons on paper (or whatever medium you chose)?  Yeah, that’s me.  I am always so jealous of people who can craft, because I REALLY want to be able to.  My think tank is always trying to convince me that I can do pretty things, but no.  No, I cannot.  But friend, I can crochet.  I will crochet you socks one day.  So here is how it looked on Saturday:


Look!  It’s a line!

And here is how it looked on Tuesday:


Sweet Mother, look at that work.

And because I want you all to see my handiwork, here is another of it close up!


I see an Etsy store in my future!

I am so proud of me.  You should be too, and I will make you those socks.

Does any of this have to do with Thanksgiving?  No.  I intended to write one of those sappy lists that I see plastered all over Facebook about things that I am thankful for.  I don’t think I can though.  It’s not because I am unthankful (I made that word up I think); in fact, it’s just the opposite.  I am very thankful for everything I have in my life.  I am so lucky, friend, and in so many ways.  I don’t have everything, but I do have the most important things.  I have love, friendship, health, family.  I have a job, a car, a 2012 limited edition Derpy Hooves.  I have great plans for 2013 (I’m not buying into the end of the world thing, so I’ll just keep planning.  Let’s hope the joke isn’t on me).  I am thankful for you.  That you can read my words, and you inspire and encourage me.  So there is my list.  Eat well tomorrow and enjoy your family.  I’ll leave you with this picture of a turkey from my backyard. Actually, I won’t because I deleted them off of my phone.  Instead I will leave you with this picture of a gift from the same bestie who taught me to craft (and who never told me my attempts at other things were bad, bless her soul):




Happy Thanksgiving!  



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2 responses to “The Day of Thanks

  1. You WILL get job 1. You crochet very well. And that planet you made this summer rocked by the way. Thank the lord for the dishwasher, washing by hand is awful. Finally Happy Thanksgiving!

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