The Joys of Simplicity

Two posts in two days!  It may be a new record for me and maybe I will break the internets.  It’s good to be back, though, and I have missed you so much!  I like company, so it’s always good when you come for a visit.  Today I am going to tell you about the lesson I learned and how it helped me throughout the day.

Girl 2 has had a bit of a cold.  I was sick a bit last week, normal run of the mill stuff at the turn of the season. Yesterday and last night she was coughing a lot and I had to give her some medicine in the middle of the night.  This morning I woke her up for school (yes, her school had school today) and debated on whether to send her to school.  Sick + other children usually isn’t so good.  She, however, was not having it.  Today was her Show and Tell day, and no cough was going to keep her down.  I weighed the options while I listened to her being told that she should bring in the scarf that she got from India.  It came from somewhere else!  It was special.  No.  She was bringing her small stuffed penguin.  It came from a plastic bag.  She left with the penguin.

At Grandma’s she was told that she should bring her camel that she got from Afghanistan.  It too came from somewhere else.  It was special and she could tell a story about it!  Nope.  She was bringing her penguin.  It came from a plastic bag.  The other adults couldn’t understand it, but I could.  It didn’t matter about  where it came from, or what story was behind.  Her 4 year old mind just decided on the penguin for no other reason then she liked it.  Her plan to tell the class was that it had a hood that you could push down.  Brilliant and simple.

Today, while I was at work, I found out from the house that the USB ports on the laptop stopped working.  The laptop is my baby, so much so that for the longest time no one else could BREATHE in it’s general direction.  I use it to game, to communicate, pretty much all of my computing needs.  I don’t usually touch the desktop and resigned that to the rest of the house.  I started to stress out because I am not the most computer literate.  I turn to FFAC for those types of things.  I felt myself doing the familiar panic thing.  What was I going to do?  How could I function?  I don’t know how to fix USB ports!  I started to tell FFAC about it later in the day and then I realized something. Something huge.  Ready for this?  It would be ok.   The world wouldn’t end if the motherboard was broken.  It wouldn’t end if I couldn’t fix it.  Even if it was  rendered totally useless, I would continue to breathe.  So with this new found idea, I googled.  I came up with some different options.  I got home from work and tried them out.  Guess what, friend?  I am typing this on the laptop that I fixed.  I did it.  Sure, with the help of Google, but I did it.  It was awesome.  

How does this relate to Girl 2 and a penguin?  Well, I guess it really doesn’t.  It was just special today, watching her hold her own with her decision.  Pressure coming from different angles, trying to convince her that her decision wasn’t as awesome as theirs.  That a scarf or a camel was more interesting because it came from somewhere else or something that was more special.  It was her Show and Tell and she was the one calling the shots.  I hope she holds onto that and my promise to her is that I will help her know that her opinion always will matter.  She taught me a lesson today, you see.  Things don’t have to have stories.  They don’t have to come from far off places to be interesting.  You can make a decision that may  not be popular with others, but if it’s your decision own it and don’t back down.

I asked today when picking her up how her Show and Tell was.  Come to find out she didn’t bring the penguin after all.  She brought a book.  She got it from Barnes and Noble.  It was from the movie “Brave” and after the presentation was over, the teacher read the class the book.  She taught me yet another lesson today.  Sometimes you can make a decision and then decide to do something totally different.  What a wise girl she is.  I hope I can be more like her when I grow up.  Until next time, friend!  


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