Adventures in D&D Continued or Fare Thee Well, Janella!

Ah, finally!  Today was D&D day after about a month break, so we headed out to DM’s house pretty early in the morning.  I had to wake up Girl 1, who is never very pleasant in the morning; Boy 1 was ready to go and excited (though always the first to melt down mid session).

I had a difficult choice to make this week.  Our next gaming session we shall cross paths with new fellow adventures, but none of them will be of the healing variety.  Parties need heals, and larger groups of people especially need heals.  I can just see our group venturing forth, high hopes and whistles, and then BAM!  Fights!  No heals!  Dead!  This just can’t be.  I chatted with the DM and gave her some options, mainly being that my main character, my Janella, would pass on at the end of the session.  In our story, Janella is sisters with Girl 1’s character, Melodie.  Janella would never just decide not to move forward for the sake of doing so, not without her sister, and the DM had suggested maybe I could just switch the class, but that didn’t feel right either.  So, in the end it was decided that I would have to go and I could pick up the second character I had made a while ago (and guess what?  She is heals.)  We started our adventure, ready to finish our dungeon we had started the last time.

Here we go with figurines of our own!  Look at Janella, so fierce with her braid flinging out from behind!

I am surprised at how well we all remember things.  It had been almost a month since we had played, but we knew exactly where we left off, about to head to the second floor of the dungeon.  DM let Dirge respec because of the fiasco the last time.  You know, the one about the rogue who put no points really into search and all the traps that were just walked into?  It’s very nice that we are able to learn by our mistakes but also have an opportunity to fix them as well.  Lollypops in hand, off we went down the stairs…

Dirge is such a rogue you don’t even see the lollypop in his mouth.  Or maybe he just already ate it.

Girl 1 and Boy weren’t too happy with the prospect of killing off Janella, but sometimes these things happen.  We ventured on, and every room became questions of “Is this it?”  “You aren’t going to die now, right?” Girl 1 actually cried for a bit, which touched me and showed me how much she had gotten into the game and the roleplaying aspect.

“Are you going to die yet?”

“How about now?  Are you dead yet?”

One of my favorite things about D&D is it sneaks in some school things which I don’t think they realize.  Math is huge, and you have to be able to add things quickly.  I can also use this to gauge when they are getting tired.

The math!  It’s everywhere!  Don’t tell them or I may lose them forever!

Entering one of the rooms I decided to flirt with our NPC cleric, Caro.  I figured if I was going to die, I may as well get some flirting in.  Little did I know that this would change the whole ending for me.  I also fumbled and threw my sword across the room.  No one said I was graceful.

See the black dice in the corner?  Yeah, that was my sword.

Anyways, I digress.  So, we came to the end and somehow I lived.  Janella had apparently harbored some feelings for Caro, and he asked her to travel with him and settle down.  She asked Melodie to go, but Melodie wasn’t quite ready for that yet.  Janella didn’t want to leave her alone with Dirge, so Caro suggested hiring a fellow travelling Cleric names Anastasia to keep watch over her.  They left together, and a new group was formed.

I was sad to see her go, but I understand for the good of the group you need heals.  It will also give me a chance to grow as an RPGer since Ana will absolutely have an accent I will use for her character.  I am not going to play her the same as Janella, which was my go to personality.  I am going to read up and see how clerics should be played and take it from there.  I am very much looking forward to playing with our new group, and next time we play FFAC will also be in tow.  I am sure I will have just as much fun with Ana, and an opportunity to grow is always a good thing.  I’m sure Janella is in good hands, and I am sure we will see her again in the future.  Til next time, good people, and remember to keep your weapon drawn and you hearts open!


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