It’s been a little bit.

I love how I blog for a week or two and then take a week off.  Sorry, guys!  I promised myself that I wouldn’t update just because it was a specific date or time, but rather when I was inspired to do so.  I don’t have a whole lot to say now, but the urge is here to write a little bit, so I shall.  See, isn’t that a much better system, then let’s say when a writer has to put out a deadline book.  I love Stephen King, but I always felt there were some of his books that were just written to be filler books, or deadline books as I like to call them.  Not that I feel I am on the same page as Stephen King, and now I digress.

I guess my lack of writing lately has just been that I have been feeling sad.  There is no rhyme nor reason, just because.  Maybe it is the loss of summer, my favorite month, or seeing my children grow even more, but I haven’t quite had the drive there the last week.  If you all have read the last few posts, I can’t begin to tell you how many clothes are in my living room right now.  I devised a new plan, fold the clothes in the chair, don’t separate them and just keep them in one big pile on the floor.  The house is fine with this.  Sigh, people.  Pics later, I promise.

Being sad and having Celiacs is pretty craptastic.  I tend to enjoy the comfort foods when sad, you know, like cookie dough, brownie batter, ice cream with various things in it.  There is nothing comforting about a pear.  I can’t feel like I am hugging my insides with fruit!  I tried making a rice pudding but only had extra long grain rice.  Note to you, friend, you need short grain.  I had a bowl of really mushy long grain rice with some sugar.  I will find something horrible to consume to make myself feel better!

I have found my new thing to try though, and I should even be able to consume it by the spoonfuls!  I want to attempt to make my own salted caramel sauce to use for various things.  Can you imagine what glorious things you can put salted caramel on?  I’ll make a special post when I attempt this and it may solve my sadness problems.  I can eat that with a spoon!  See, good things can come out of sadness.

WoW has also come out with it’s next expansion, which I have only had time to dabble in briefly.  Last night was Girl 1’s birthday and we played for a bit together and this morning I was up pretty early and played for about a half hour.  My initial impression is that is a very pretty game and the music is very calming.  I can’t wait to get more into it with all of my characters and I am sure will have special posts about that.

So, that’s really about it for now.  This was just a post to say I am still here, I haven’t forgotten you.  I will have some good things on the agenda for the future and look forward to writing about them.  Til then, stay happy and eat some cookie dough for me.


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