Adventures in D&D…Continued!

I know I have been doing a lot of gaming posts lately, but I figured I can write about whichever subject strikes me the most at the moment. I like that I put the beyond in there as it leaves it pretty open and allows me to spew whatever I would like. I know I recently had a post where I spoke about D&D, but this is an ongoing thing that I am doing, so I am sure this will not even be the last post. In any case, here was this weeks adventures in D&D!



Sometimes we need reminders!  We’re still noobs…


Labor Day 2012. A day for reflection, relaxation, cookouts, and killing orcs! Maybe it was ogres. Aw, it was probably a bird. Monday was the day that my lovely DM and I decided to get together and as it was my turn to drive down there, I packed up the kids fairly early and headed out. It is a bit of a drive, but we had a good time with it and after about an hour we had arrived.



Girl 1 learning her new Bard songs.  Her new Inspire Courage may be Gangnam Style.  Dirge the Rogue is working very hard not to put any of his points into search.

This time around there was no big backstory, no riddles to be solved, or major events. It was a good old fashioned dungeon that DM had made up on her own. This is where I have to give some huge thanks to her. I know how crazy life can be with a kid and how little time you can have for yourself. She came up with the dungeon on her own, the rooms, the monsters, calculated all the XP so that we would level when we completed it, decided what would drop from it, the whole 9 yards. I am really appreciative that anyone would take so much time out of their day to put something together for me, Girl 1 and Boy. We are trying to get into the swing of it, learning how to actually role play vs. throwing the dice. It can be harder than you think, to slip into a character and run with it.



We found secret doors!  The dungeon is really a lot of fun, even if I keep getting caught in traps due to someone not having enough points in search…

On our way to a birthday party over the weekend, Girl 1, Boy, and I were discussing our D&D adventures. Our DM has informed me that after we complete this dungeon and hit level 4 we will be starting an adventure that will take us from level 4 to 14. This may take a long time to complete, and some of us may not even make it all the way to the end. We were pondering what that would be like, to have our characters die and the next thing I knew we were discussing how our characters would feel if the other group members died. Girl 1, as Melodie the Bard, would be quite sad if anyone died as her character is one who cares a lot about everything. Me, as Janella the Warrior, would be sad if Dirge the rogue died, but it wouldn’t change her that much. At this point he is around because we keep getting thrown together, but they have not become friends yet. Dirge the Rogue (Boy) wouldn’t be sad if Janella died, as he finds her boring, but would not want Melodie to die. He would also like his body burned if it’s him. We got into a pretty deep discussion how we could bridge the gap between Janella and Dirge, and how we could roleplay it out. It could be they were never meant to be friends, or a mutual respect may come from this. The point I realized is that because of this game we are playing, I am able to have decent discussions with Girl 1 and Boy and share this with them. It makes me happy to see their excitement about playing and to see them using their imagination. Boy can tell a pretty good story when he wants to!



You think those are dice?!  Heck no they aren’t!  They are 2 hit point ravens, and I am not going to tell you how long it took us to kill them…


We may have some new players in our fold as well. One of my brothers would like to join, and there is a fellow geek at work who may come in with her husband. Foreign Financial Advisor Correspondant will also be making an appearance to the US of A in October and we are starting our new adventure with him in tow. I can’t wait for that to happen! It is nice to think that others may be joining us, a few fellow players just wanting to adventure out. This is exactly what I wanted in my youth and it is really great to have it happening now. Til next time, fare thee well, my good friends!



From four we may grow more; as long as we may wander there will always be room.


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