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Adventures in D&D Continued or Fare Thee Well, Janella!

Ah, finally!  Today was D&D day after about a month break, so we headed out to DM’s house pretty early in the morning.  I had to wake up Girl 1, who is never very pleasant in the morning; Boy 1 was ready to go and excited (though always the first to melt down mid session).

I had a difficult choice to make this week.  Our next gaming session we shall cross paths with new fellow adventures, but none of them will be of the healing variety.  Parties need heals, and larger groups of people especially need heals.  I can just see our group venturing forth, high hopes and whistles, and then BAM!  Fights!  No heals!  Dead!  This just can’t be.  I chatted with the DM and gave her some options, mainly being that my main character, my Janella, would pass on at the end of the session.  In our story, Janella is sisters with Girl 1’s character, Melodie.  Janella would never just decide not to move forward for the sake of doing so, not without her sister, and the DM had suggested maybe I could just switch the class, but that didn’t feel right either.  So, in the end it was decided that I would have to go and I could pick up the second character I had made a while ago (and guess what?  She is heals.)  We started our adventure, ready to finish our dungeon we had started the last time.

Here we go with figurines of our own!  Look at Janella, so fierce with her braid flinging out from behind!

I am surprised at how well we all remember things.  It had been almost a month since we had played, but we knew exactly where we left off, about to head to the second floor of the dungeon.  DM let Dirge respec because of the fiasco the last time.  You know, the one about the rogue who put no points really into search and all the traps that were just walked into?  It’s very nice that we are able to learn by our mistakes but also have an opportunity to fix them as well.  Lollypops in hand, off we went down the stairs…

Dirge is such a rogue you don’t even see the lollypop in his mouth.  Or maybe he just already ate it.

Girl 1 and Boy weren’t too happy with the prospect of killing off Janella, but sometimes these things happen.  We ventured on, and every room became questions of “Is this it?”  “You aren’t going to die now, right?” Girl 1 actually cried for a bit, which touched me and showed me how much she had gotten into the game and the roleplaying aspect.

“Are you going to die yet?”

“How about now?  Are you dead yet?”

One of my favorite things about D&D is it sneaks in some school things which I don’t think they realize.  Math is huge, and you have to be able to add things quickly.  I can also use this to gauge when they are getting tired.

The math!  It’s everywhere!  Don’t tell them or I may lose them forever!

Entering one of the rooms I decided to flirt with our NPC cleric, Caro.  I figured if I was going to die, I may as well get some flirting in.  Little did I know that this would change the whole ending for me.  I also fumbled and threw my sword across the room.  No one said I was graceful.

See the black dice in the corner?  Yeah, that was my sword.

Anyways, I digress.  So, we came to the end and somehow I lived.  Janella had apparently harbored some feelings for Caro, and he asked her to travel with him and settle down.  She asked Melodie to go, but Melodie wasn’t quite ready for that yet.  Janella didn’t want to leave her alone with Dirge, so Caro suggested hiring a fellow travelling Cleric names Anastasia to keep watch over her.  They left together, and a new group was formed.

I was sad to see her go, but I understand for the good of the group you need heals.  It will also give me a chance to grow as an RPGer since Ana will absolutely have an accent I will use for her character.  I am not going to play her the same as Janella, which was my go to personality.  I am going to read up and see how clerics should be played and take it from there.  I am very much looking forward to playing with our new group, and next time we play FFAC will also be in tow.  I am sure I will have just as much fun with Ana, and an opportunity to grow is always a good thing.  I’m sure Janella is in good hands, and I am sure we will see her again in the future.  Til next time, good people, and remember to keep your weapon drawn and you hearts open!


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It’s been a little bit.

I love how I blog for a week or two and then take a week off.  Sorry, guys!  I promised myself that I wouldn’t update just because it was a specific date or time, but rather when I was inspired to do so.  I don’t have a whole lot to say now, but the urge is here to write a little bit, so I shall.  See, isn’t that a much better system, then let’s say when a writer has to put out a deadline book.  I love Stephen King, but I always felt there were some of his books that were just written to be filler books, or deadline books as I like to call them.  Not that I feel I am on the same page as Stephen King, and now I digress.

I guess my lack of writing lately has just been that I have been feeling sad.  There is no rhyme nor reason, just because.  Maybe it is the loss of summer, my favorite month, or seeing my children grow even more, but I haven’t quite had the drive there the last week.  If you all have read the last few posts, I can’t begin to tell you how many clothes are in my living room right now.  I devised a new plan, fold the clothes in the chair, don’t separate them and just keep them in one big pile on the floor.  The house is fine with this.  Sigh, people.  Pics later, I promise.

Being sad and having Celiacs is pretty craptastic.  I tend to enjoy the comfort foods when sad, you know, like cookie dough, brownie batter, ice cream with various things in it.  There is nothing comforting about a pear.  I can’t feel like I am hugging my insides with fruit!  I tried making a rice pudding but only had extra long grain rice.  Note to you, friend, you need short grain.  I had a bowl of really mushy long grain rice with some sugar.  I will find something horrible to consume to make myself feel better!

I have found my new thing to try though, and I should even be able to consume it by the spoonfuls!  I want to attempt to make my own salted caramel sauce to use for various things.  Can you imagine what glorious things you can put salted caramel on?  I’ll make a special post when I attempt this and it may solve my sadness problems.  I can eat that with a spoon!  See, good things can come out of sadness.

WoW has also come out with it’s next expansion, which I have only had time to dabble in briefly.  Last night was Girl 1’s birthday and we played for a bit together and this morning I was up pretty early and played for about a half hour.  My initial impression is that is a very pretty game and the music is very calming.  I can’t wait to get more into it with all of my characters and I am sure will have special posts about that.

So, that’s really about it for now.  This was just a post to say I am still here, I haven’t forgotten you.  I will have some good things on the agenda for the future and look forward to writing about them.  Til then, stay happy and eat some cookie dough for me.

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My Chair or Why My House Really Needs Me

Hello, friends!  I doubt I am going to see anyone here this early.  I realized many moons ago that the Universe (or insert whatever higher power you may believe in) works in mysterious ways.  I have been a bit stressed out and it was suggested that I get at least 2 hours of space time this weekend.  So, the powers had a meeting (I imagine all the top powers – God, Yahweh, Allah, Buddah, etc) to sit at a long conference table ala Justice League), where they go over requests.  One of them got my spiritual request form that probably simply said, “PLEASE.  JUST 2 HOURS!” and said, “Wake that girl up!”  So at 4:40 this morning I awoke, unable to go back to sleep.  Who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?  I think the better question would be who would gift me a horse?  Any ways, thanks Powers Justice League, good looking out.

Yesterday I realized how much my household needs me and it came in the shape of my chair.  Now, I have a chair I like to sit in; it’s my favorite chair of the house and I really can’t figure out why.  I usually don’t sit in it like a normal person, I tend to get into all these twisted positions like I am trying out for Cirque De Soleil.  Or I like to pretend to be a ninja.  Really, here is some proof.


I think my hair kind of gives me away, but sssssshhhh.  I am in ninja mode.

We moved recently (like a few months back) and I wanted to do something I had never done before.  I wanted to try and stay organized.  Anyone who knows me knows how daunting of a task this is, as organization for me usually entails throwing all papers into one pile, so on and so forth.  This time though I had a plan.  I sat down the household and told them I had fixed all the house issues with one erasable tool:  The Whiteboard.

Now, whiteboard lives on the freezer, because if there is one place everyone goes to is the refrigerator.  It’s that or the bathroom, but I figured it wouldn’t really be the best placed in there.  So, determined and armed with a handful of whiteboard markers, I began my quest for keeping up on things (this whole thing is entirely selfish.  I just want to feel more normal).  Here it is, in all it’s glory!


Don’t try to read my writing.  It isn’t pretty and was my worst grade in school.  

I washed my hands proudly; I had finally done it!  I had solved life’s problems with a whiteboard and everything was going to be June fricken Cleaver in my household from this day forth!  Here is what they didn’t tell me as they all silently gathered to look at the new addition.  To them the sign read this way:


This one is harder to see, but just a tip – it’s all the same name, and it is not theirs.

Of course, they would never admit that.  So this week, I did not have laundry.  Laundry in my mind is a few steps.

  • Gather Clothes.
  • Place closes in metal box and insert soap like substance.
  • Close door to metal box (this one is VERY important).
  • Move dial to appropriate setting and start metal box.
  • Go back upstairs and wait until it is time to put into the other metal box that sits right next to it.
  • Probably eat a snack
  • Wait to be reminded to go put the clothes into the other metal box.
  • Move clothes into other metal box.
  • Close the door.
  • Turn dial to appropriate setting and start metal box 2.
  • Repeat steps 5-7.
  • Get warm clothes (though most likely cold due to waiting to be reminded) and bring them upstairs.

The household is getting the hang of those steps, but here is where communication breakdown fails.  They feel their job is done once those clothes come upstairs.  I feel that they should be folded and put into people’s rooms.  Here is how they like to prove me wrong.  The clothes come upstairs and this is where they end up:


Insert scream.

Of all the places in the living room, the other chair, the couch, the coffee table, it’s my chair.  This is their message to me.  They may allow me my whiteboard, but this is how they will pay me back for it.  Now, you would think that this would be a momentary lapse; that eventually they will fold the clothes if laundry is their chore for the week.  No, friend.  This is a well thought out play by them to ensure I fold the clothes.  They know I won’t sit anywhere else, so in order to sit, I have to move the clothing.  I also will not throw them in a pile on the ground so in order to take such artful pictures such as the ones I am about to show you, I will have to fold them.


Yes, I am hanging sideways off the chair.


This is how I look when I am deciding my next ninja like plan.  Not obvious, right?

I have tried to explain the rules of laundry to them, but bless their souls, they just can’t seem to get passed step 12.  I have forgiven them, knowing one day, when they have long moved out, they will call me in a panic when after 4 weeks there is just a big pile of clothes in a chair of their apartment that have never been folded.

I think the only one who has figured out that I know their plan is Girl 1.  Upon entering the house last night she saw me taking a picture of my chair, full of cold clothing and asked me why I was taking a picture of the chair.  I told her I needed it and left it at that.  Upon re-entering the living room, this is what I found:


Again, it’s small, but it is Girl 1, with clothes in her hand, folding.  

One out of three isn’t bad, friends.


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Restoring Hope in Humanity or Really Enjoying that Cup of Coffee

Hello, friend!  I planned on writing something out this morning, but it’s tough to get it out at work, and last night was a bit crazy with all the new routine going on in the household.  Feel free to grab some coffee, though it is late and if you want something else that’s okay.  I may also be running around a bit crazy, new routines and such, but I promise that if you can hold out we’ll have a nice conversation when this is said and done.

I am going to apologize, this may ramble a bit, but I’m gonna go with it.  I planned on writing a baking post (oh hai, baking!) but I can’t force myself to write about something and have it be heartfelt.  Pancake muffins may just have to wait until I really want to write about them.  

I stumbled across another blog two days ago that has touched me.  Like profoundly.  I went to and just started reading and was amazed by what was written, and the community that was built.  I wish I can do it more justice, but I think it’s something you need to discover for yourself.  While reading, she uses a word that I feel like was made for me.  It’s brutiful.  Brutiful is a mix of brutal and beautiful, because as she explains, that is what life is.  She also says many times that we can do hard things.  She has proven on her blog and stories that yes, we can do hard things.  They are done everyday. It got me thinking a bit, and as anyone who knows me will tell you, that is dangerous.

I am going to drop a bombshell, right now.  Life is hard.  I think this is the same for everyone, everywhere.  I know there are times I feel like I am going to scream when I am tired, get home from work, and I have three children screaming for attention.  Life is brutal.  I will often try to occupy with them something and hide outside, under a table, thinking I outsmarted them.  I have yet to outsmart them.  I want to be that mom you see on TV, or read about.  You know, the perfect mom who always has the meals ready, has time to listen to whatever social issue may be going on, smiles each morning as they wake up the eager children to get off to school – but not before she has all the lunches packed, maybe with a hidden note for the kid to find at lunch.  Instead I drink too much coffee, throw things together quickly, congratulate myself if all the kids have matching socks and shoes and can get them out of the house on time.  My idea of my hair being done is throwing it back in some sort of bun/ponytail and using whatever I can find to spray on it to make sure it isn’t sticking out.  Just a tip for you – spray deodorant doesn’t work (it was next to my spray gel) and it really doesn’t have the effect the commercials says it does.  You can thank me later.



Yes, this was breakfast one morning.  Don’t judge me.


Here is the thing that shocks me almost every day though.  Life. Is. Beautiful.  Sitting out alone after dinner, writing, watching my candle flicker as the weather starts to change is beautiful.  A good book on a rainy day, curled up on a couch is beautiful.  Warm bread coming out of the oven, the smells that fill the kitchen and watching the family eat is beautiful to me.  Every time I find myself on that brink of crazy, of that claustrophobia, I find something that is beautiful at that moment.  Waking up before the house and having those quiet moments is beautiful.  Yin and yang; with the brutal comes the beautiful.



Moments when they all play nice can be quite beautiful.  It’s like Halley’s Comet; it only happens once every 75-76 years.

I don’t know if God exists.  I’ll be honest, and even say that is hard to type.  I am pretty logical, and I just find it hard to think that one supernatural being made the entire universe and the entire world, including creatures, in 6 days, cause you know, he needed a day to rest.  I need a rest after making dinner (which to add insult, I usually forget the vegetables and I like vegetables!) so I just don’t know how it’s possible.  Do I want to believe?  No doubt!  I mean, it’s comforting to think that there is something beyond this, something to continually work for, but I just don’t know.  I do, however, think there is something, whether it be God, Allah, Buddah, the Fate Sisters, that is helping us along.  There have just been too many things that have happened in my life that logic has failed me on.  Doors close, others open.  You think you may have lost your way from something important only to find yourself right back when you need it the most.  Some things are scary.  Really scary.  But, to steal the phrase from Momastery, we can do hard things.



This is on my desk at work.  I love this chick!  I am going to bet she wouldn’t care at all what was in her hair, or if something was sticking out. Go Rosie!

I am the happiest and also the saddest I can recall being in my life.  I have also never been more excited for those unknown chapters that haven’t been written yet.  I am learning a lot about myself along the way, and learning not to be so afraid, and that is a very good thing.  I love the people in my life, and I am learning to spread that love a little bit more.  I may still end up with deodorant in my hair as spray gel, and I will always forget one thing (but hopefully not one child) as I make my way out the door.  I will pin things on Pinterest while I pretend to be a crafty person (trust me, I’m not) but in my mind, I am.  I will push myself to places I never thought I would reach, to doors I thought closed.  Usually I proofread my posts, but tonight I’m not.  I want to get as real as I can get with an internet blog, so no cleaning the post up and no thinking to myself that I don’t really want to post this.  This whole thing is a journey and I’d like you to come along for the ride, to help me along the way.  I promise to do the same for you, because that’s what friends do.  Life is brutiful, friends.  Find something beautiful tonight.  It can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. It could be something no one else would think is beautiful, but to you and you alone, it is.  It isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it.


This was my craft.  I have no idea what it is, but I used some glitter glue.  That makes it beautiful, right?


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Goals and How to Reach Them or You Can Meet Great People on the Internet

Oh, Mondays.  This is the day I usually dread for the same reason everyone else dreads them.  Back to the grind, whether it be school or work, waking up early, having to pretend to be awake for most of the day.  In my past I used to wish Mondays didn’t exist, but then I realized if they didn’t Tuesdays would be Mondays and it’s just better to get it over with early.  

I was going to write about baking today, but I decided to skip that entirely and do more gaming related posts.  Sort of.  I’ll post about the baking really soon (or just change my blog title to Books and Beyond).  I even remembered to take pictures!


You think this is a muffin right?  WRONG!  It’s a pancake in the shape of a muffin!

Goals.  I set plenty of goals in my day to day life and here are some examples: Wake up, make it downstairs without stumbling and falling down the stairs, pick myself up when I do fall down the stairs (I’m not the most graceful of creatures), make it to the Keurig, press the right button for the coffee to brew.  To some they may not seem like big goals, but to me it’s the daily challenge.  


I don’t know why this picture is sideways, but it kinda is how it looks to me in the morning.  And yes, that is Advil right by the K-Cups.  This clearly is the most important of all cabinets.

This weekend I had one goal and one goal only.  I needed to hit 85 on my warrior in WoW.  Foreign Financial Advisor Correspondent (FFAC) and I decided to roll new characters together and go from 1 – 85 together.  That meant neither one of us could play it if the other wasn’t on, which can be somewhat of a challenge since our time difference makes it really difficult.  We usually play Friday and Saturday nights since all other times one (or both) of us are working or sleeping.  We slacked off for a while; life caught up to us, Diablo 3 came out, FFAC came for a visit and we didn’t play at all (figures, same time zone, you think we would have taken advantage of it once, but nope!) and then the new expansion release date was announced.  We weren’t anywhere near 85 and we had a little over a month or so to get there.  I think we both thought it was impossible, but somehow we managed to pull it off.

FFAC and I have known each other for a while, but stopped talking for a while as well.  Back when I was first playing WoW I kept a weird schedule.  I worked primarily nights, and the kids all went to school during the day (these were the days before Girl 2 was introduced to the world.  Or maybe I should say before the world was introduced to Girl 2), so I played a lot of WoW in the morning.  I ran a warrior back then (leveling Protection infuriated everyone!  So. Much. Fun.)  We met early on, we were both in the same guild, ended up in the same group and Teamspeak was always used.  Every once in a while you will come across someone who just impacts you and changes you.  It happens all the time with lovers, friends, children.  It feels like your energy changes, like a chemical reaction that takes two different things and comes out as something completely different.  It was like that with FFAC.  We pretty much became inseperable in WoW and we started talking outside of the game as well.  With him in NZ, and me in the US, we couldn’t exactly do things that other BFFs can do, so we found other ways to keep it fun, like sending packages to each other with our standard junk food.  

Sometimes friends have misunderstandings, or make mistakes.  I know this to be true with the friends I can drive and go see and apparently this can happen with friends that live on the other side of the world as well.  We ended up having both of those and didn’t talk for a while.

It’s ok though, friend!  This story doesn’t have a sad ending!  Ok, so maybe I did delete my character that I originally played (my first warrior) and didn’t play WoW again for a very long time (not to mention when I did go back I knew he was playing still and didn’t reach out to him for a long time), but it does get better!  I decided to take a chance one day and email, just a feeling it out “Hey, FFAC.  It’s been a while.  Sup?” type of email and he responded positively.  It didn’t take us long at all to have things right back where they were – packages, emails, and WoW included.  I can’t imagine how many people we come across in our lives, but very few people will be able to not talk for years and within a day or two of talking again feel like that break never happened.  If you have never experienced that, I hope you do someday because it is a magical thing.  To steal a line from My Little Pony, “That is some mother f’in magical friendship!”  That may not be verbatim.  Playing WoW with him is like riding a bike; I never forgot how to play.  It takes a special person to deal with me and a charge and it just works.  It’s like a well oiled machine when we play together, well, as long as I don’t get lost.

FFAC desided to come stateside last March/April and visit for a bit.  It was really, really, good to hang out with him and see my country through his eyes.  He is coming back in about a month and I can’t wait to be able to hang out with him again!  The question I have gotten most from other people was if I was afraid to meet him, since I had originally met him online.  I tend to feel now a days, the internet is just as safe of a place to meet people than a bar (if not safer).  Friends aren’t determined by where they live; if you met them down the street or in a pixelated form.  It’s a feeling you get, when you can just be silent and not feel like you need to fill the space.  It’s when you do something stupid and they laugh at you.  It’s rezzing me after I have run into a group full of mobs…again and then not dropping the group and kicking me out of the guild (A guild that consists of just us.  Wait, Girl 1 has a character in there too).  It’s inside jokes, looking forward to the weekends, and making mental notes when something comes up to tell FFAC when I talk to him because he will find it amusing.  It’s his remembering after 4 years of not talking to me that I like Moro Golds (really, they are delicious).  I value his friendship as much as I value those that I can see daily; the internet is not a breeding ground for dangerous people who just want to cause you harm. Friends are friends no matter how they are met or where they may live.  Cherish them when you find them because it really is what makes the world so special.  Til next time, dear friends!

Motherf’in magical friendship!

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Adventures in D&D…Continued!

I know I have been doing a lot of gaming posts lately, but I figured I can write about whichever subject strikes me the most at the moment. I like that I put the beyond in there as it leaves it pretty open and allows me to spew whatever I would like. I know I recently had a post where I spoke about D&D, but this is an ongoing thing that I am doing, so I am sure this will not even be the last post. In any case, here was this weeks adventures in D&D!



Sometimes we need reminders!  We’re still noobs…


Labor Day 2012. A day for reflection, relaxation, cookouts, and killing orcs! Maybe it was ogres. Aw, it was probably a bird. Monday was the day that my lovely DM and I decided to get together and as it was my turn to drive down there, I packed up the kids fairly early and headed out. It is a bit of a drive, but we had a good time with it and after about an hour we had arrived.



Girl 1 learning her new Bard songs.  Her new Inspire Courage may be Gangnam Style.  Dirge the Rogue is working very hard not to put any of his points into search.

This time around there was no big backstory, no riddles to be solved, or major events. It was a good old fashioned dungeon that DM had made up on her own. This is where I have to give some huge thanks to her. I know how crazy life can be with a kid and how little time you can have for yourself. She came up with the dungeon on her own, the rooms, the monsters, calculated all the XP so that we would level when we completed it, decided what would drop from it, the whole 9 yards. I am really appreciative that anyone would take so much time out of their day to put something together for me, Girl 1 and Boy. We are trying to get into the swing of it, learning how to actually role play vs. throwing the dice. It can be harder than you think, to slip into a character and run with it.



We found secret doors!  The dungeon is really a lot of fun, even if I keep getting caught in traps due to someone not having enough points in search…

On our way to a birthday party over the weekend, Girl 1, Boy, and I were discussing our D&D adventures. Our DM has informed me that after we complete this dungeon and hit level 4 we will be starting an adventure that will take us from level 4 to 14. This may take a long time to complete, and some of us may not even make it all the way to the end. We were pondering what that would be like, to have our characters die and the next thing I knew we were discussing how our characters would feel if the other group members died. Girl 1, as Melodie the Bard, would be quite sad if anyone died as her character is one who cares a lot about everything. Me, as Janella the Warrior, would be sad if Dirge the rogue died, but it wouldn’t change her that much. At this point he is around because we keep getting thrown together, but they have not become friends yet. Dirge the Rogue (Boy) wouldn’t be sad if Janella died, as he finds her boring, but would not want Melodie to die. He would also like his body burned if it’s him. We got into a pretty deep discussion how we could bridge the gap between Janella and Dirge, and how we could roleplay it out. It could be they were never meant to be friends, or a mutual respect may come from this. The point I realized is that because of this game we are playing, I am able to have decent discussions with Girl 1 and Boy and share this with them. It makes me happy to see their excitement about playing and to see them using their imagination. Boy can tell a pretty good story when he wants to!



You think those are dice?!  Heck no they aren’t!  They are 2 hit point ravens, and I am not going to tell you how long it took us to kill them…


We may have some new players in our fold as well. One of my brothers would like to join, and there is a fellow geek at work who may come in with her husband. Foreign Financial Advisor Correspondant will also be making an appearance to the US of A in October and we are starting our new adventure with him in tow. I can’t wait for that to happen! It is nice to think that others may be joining us, a few fellow players just wanting to adventure out. This is exactly what I wanted in my youth and it is really great to have it happening now. Til next time, fare thee well, my good friends!



From four we may grow more; as long as we may wander there will always be room.

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EReaders and How I Learned to Love Them

Ah, the EReader.  For a book lover, nothing can quite cause such an uproar as the person who brings up the EReader.  When they first started coming out and growing in popularity there almost seemed to be two camps: People who liked them or people who felt they were made by the devil to destroy the fundamental beauty of books.  I can’t lie to you, nor pretend that I wasn’t in the latter camp for a long time.

I can sometimes be a bit of an elitist.  I have been reading for as long as I can remember (I spent a lot of time as a young girl grounded and in my room.  Reading became the most important thing to me to do in my spare time!)  I still think even without being in trouble as much as I was that I still would have found my way to the magic of books, but I did certainly get there quicker.  There was always something special about holding a book, the familiar smell, the feel of the pages, the sounds of the pages turning.  Some paper felt thin, like any sudden movement threatened its very existence, while other pages were sturdy.  To me, they had personalities, lives, pasts.  Sometimes I would wonder who else had held the book before me, who had loved it, where it had traveled before it had found its way into my hands.  When I was younger, I volunteered at a convalescent home my father worked at.  There was a lady who lived there named Elizabeth.  She was deaf, and we would communicate by writing on a special pad she had.  She had no family that I had even seen, and when I wasn’t able to go for periods of time, we would write letters to each other.  I am sure I was no more than 8 at the time.  One day there wasn’t a letter, but a package.  She had passed away and she had left me some of her possessions.  Among her gifts to me was a well worn and read copy of “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe”.  I can’t tell you how many times I held that book and just remembered her. 

Now, onto the EReader.  It’s cold, there are no covers, no smells, no feels.  I couldn’t understand for the life of me how someone who is a reader would accept one of these as a book.  You can’t cuddle with it, like you can an actual book.  There were many times that I have just gone to the book case and looked at my books, touched them, took them out to go through the pages.  You can’t do that with a Kindle or a Nook.  I saw the future, where book stores would close and paper books would go the way of the 8 track, the cassette tape, even CDs are on their way out.  I was pretty set against them, and no one was going to change my mind.

I won an award at work, which I was able to attend a dinner and they give you a gift.  This year’s gift was not the usual crystal item which I have no purpose for (and usually is given to my mom as payment for babysitting the children).  This year it was a Kindle.  I looked at it, held it, tried to figure out what I would do with it, and decided that if I was going to be against it, I should at least try it out for a moment and see what the thing actually looked like.  So I took it home and turned it on.  I purchased a couple of books (it is dangerously easy to purchase books, by the way) and decided to give it a go.

I was surprised to find that it wasn’t horrible.  I found myself actually enjoying reading off of it.  I went outside with it, sat down at a table and just read for a bit.  It had no glare, it wasn’t heavy, and I could just swipe my finger to turn the page.  I started to see it differently, not as something that was threatening my books, but as another tool to access them.  I could slip it in my purse and take it with me everywhere, emergency rooms, urgent care clinics, quick work breaks.  I could put it on my desk and not have to worry about losing my page.  Yes, the EReaders has its advantages.  The only disadvantage I have found is that it doesn’t have a light in it (which has now been rectified by different models).  Foreign Correspondent who also is my Foreign Financial Adviser tells me I don’t need a new one, but Foreign Financial Adviser Correspondent has also never tried to read in bed with a book light.  I totally want a Nook.

So, does this make me less of a book lover?  No.  I still love the feel, smell, weight of a book in my hand.  I love the sounds of pages turning and my favorite place to spend time will always be a book store, whether it be Barnes and Noble, or the quirky but lovable Book Barn.  I will never stop buying books, buying my children books, or curling up with a real book regardless on whether I can purchase it or not through Amazon in an electronic format.  Sometimes it is just nice to have multiple options available.  I have realized that someone who is a lover of food, a true lover, loves all things food related.  They may have their specific tastes, just as I have my particular genres, but they will embrace new things as well.

“Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.” ~ Stephen Fry


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