It Begins

So, finally, I have succumbed and started a blog for all things I decide I want to discuss.  It will most likely be a blog concerning the things I love, like books, gaming, and more recently, baking.   I wanted to have an exclusive book blog, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to be active enough on just books alone (though goodness knows I read enough of them).  I was thinking of moving some of my ramblings concerning books on FB here, but I would rather start fresh with new adventures.

I should introduce myself.  I’m Jaime, a book enthusiast for as long as I can remember, a video game enthusiast since I had my Atari at the tender age of 4, and not so much a baking enthusiast but more of a careful baking interloper.  It’s still a bit new and luckily I have people around who get to taste test my products (which I personally cannot do thanks to Celiac).  Baking warms my soul though; it’s almost like I can pour a little bit of my soul into what I make and spread it to others.

I have three children whom I am sure you will hear about from time to time.  Girl 1 is soon to be 14, Boy is going to be 12 and Girl 2 is 4.  It’s rarely ever quiet, usually quite chaotic, and things never seem to be put back where they belong, but I do think I am lucky to have them in my life.  They are usually amusing and always very loud.

I look forward to this new endeavour and to the places it may take me.  Come with me and stay for a bit.  I’ll always have some coffee ready for you, maybe some muffins in the oven, and conversation on the lips.



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4 responses to “It Begins

  1. hasien

    Love it! Have you tried gluten free baking?

  2. YAAYY here you are!! Excited for you! :]

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